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Athletics: Superb turnout for Harriers in first event of the season

THURROCK Harriers kicked off the Eastern Young Athletics League in cracking style.

Middle distance runner Tyler Chu was to have his debut outing for Pole vault but this was cancelled due to windy conditions. Keeping the team spirit he then slotted into the only event left for U15 boys – High jump,
something he has never done in competition or practiced much, came away with a PB of 1.50.

Tyler ran a superb 800m, winning with some ease in a time of 2.25s.

Long Jump proved very sucessful for a number of female athletes, Rhea Stavri 3.54m. Elena March smashed through her 4m barrier with a jump of 4.46m. Beth James jumped 4.89m with another PB.

Thomas Wakeling has a good year and continued with Pbs in LJ and HJ. Charlie Splarn and Maddie Cannell both with only 10/15 minutes practice with chain threw hammer for the 1st time, both scoring decent throws and coming 2nd in their categories to the delight of the Harrier coaches.

Yinka Sudipo (300m) ran a solid race with a final push over the last 50m he came 3rd with 43.9. Chaima Allali courageously ran the double of 800m and 1500m. Following her team mate Gemma Holloway round on the 1500m to 2nd place, Gemma coming 1st.

Alot of athletes only had 2 favourite events and had to slot in to other events for the team. Grace Okunola has proved she is a natural Javelin thrower with 17.45m Chay Clark 300m with 44.90 seemed effortless coming 1st and & Libby Milne shot 5.01 all new pbs.

40 athletes turned out in total, giving Thurrock on of its highest scores ever in an EYAL and would welcome anyone to come and try out for the club. Especially U13B and U17M.

Full results and athlete performances can be found on

U13b Daniel Knight – 100m 15.50; 200m 31.30; Jav 11.08. Jamal Drummond
100m 16.7; 200m 35.80. Reece Scott 800m 2.43. Jack Exley 800m 2.42.
Liam Chivers 1500m 5.58; LJ 3.64. Thomas Wakeling Hurdles 15.5; HJ
1.30; LJ 4.26.

U15B Yinka Sudipo 100m 13.30; 300m 43.90; LJ 4.46m. Charlie Splarn
200m 29.7; Hammer 16.23m; Discus 18.29. Liam Barnard 300m 51.10;
Hurdles 16.40; LJ 4.11m. Tyler Chu 800m 2.25; HJ 1.50m; Jav 26.03.
Alex Dargon-Boss Jav 25.56; Shot 8.05; HJ 1.30m. James Pearson Hurdles
12.7; Shot 13.59. Jack Kemp 1500m 6.31. Sam Smith 800m 2.31. Sam
Ekumola Shot 8.45m. Korede Onaderu Shot 6.39 Jav 12.91

U13G Olivia Mynett 100m 17.6; Shot 5.39m; jav 5.14. Abigail Pain 100m
19.9; 200m 43.10, LJ 2.60. Jessica Smith 200m 32; hurdles 13.4; HJ
1.10m. hallie Abbott-tragmar 800m 3.16.50. Megan Smith 800m 3.14.6
Shot 4.44; Jav 7.01. hayley Instance 1500m 6.05; Discus 7.94. Rhea
Stavri Hurdles 15.40; LJ 3.54m; HJ 1.10m.

U15G Tia Martelly 100m 14.30; 200m 30.3; Jav 3.51. Grace Okunola 100m
14.40; Hurdles 13.50; Jav 17.45. Seniz Jessener 200m 31.10; HJ 1.25;
Shot 5.33. Brooke Mensah 800m 2.42. Elle Smith 800m 2.44. Elena March
hurdles 15.00; HJ 1.25; LJ 4.46. libby Milne 300m 59.80; LJ 3.18; Shot

U17W Lucy Jewel 100m 15.00; 200m 31.00; shot 7.29. Beth James 100m
14.60; LJ 4.89; Shot 7.14. Chay Clark 300m 44.90; hurdles 13.10; HJ
1.45. Chaima Allali 800m 2.41; 1500m 5.36. Kira Meredith 800m 2.53.
Gemma Holloway 1500m 5.27. Shannon Jameson TJ 8.87; 200m 29.90. Maddie
Cannell Hammer 14.2; Discus 25.81; Jav 13.30. Alice Martin Jav 20.29.

U17M Aidan Simpson HJ 1.55; LJ 4.93.


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