Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Crime commissioner announces half million anti-crime initiative

ESSEX Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston has announced half-a-million pounds’ worth of funding for community initiatives to reduce crime.

The £500,000 New Initiatives Fund will be distributed to local groups who feel they can tackle crime in their areas. Schemes can include supporting victims, reducing youth offending, tackling re-offending and combating drug and alcohol abuse.

Mr Alston said: “In sorting out the new budget we have managed to carve out this half-a-million to spend on crime reduction across Essex.

“We can give slices of it to local groups, including young people, if they apply to take on work to make crime less likely in their neighbourhoods.

“When it comes to solving crime, I want to hear from the people – what are their concerns and what do they think can be done about them?”

Anybody interested in applying for money from the fund can call Pamela Standley on 01245 291609 or email pamela.standley@essex.pnn.police.uk


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