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New Thames crossing: MP tells John Kent: You need to be the man with a plan

BBC KENT dedicated a whole breakfast show on Monday morning to discussing the options for a new Thames crossing. Council after council and business after business discussed where they thought it should be and what were the advantages for them.

In the end, Thurrock’s stand-alone policy, made the borough appear like Britain on the map at the beginning of Dads Army.

Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has today issued a challenge to Thurrock council leader John Kent regarding the proposals for a new river crossing in Thurrock. Jackie has called on the council to make a study of the impact on Thurrock’s road network and air quality of the various options under consideration.

Jackie said, “Whilst I am pleased that the Council is opposing the proposals under consideration, it simply isn’t good enough to say no – we need to be proposing alternatives and making a clear case as to why the options under consideration are not right.”

“Also, it is a synthetic argument to call for things which are already happening – the introduction of free-flow tolling and improvements to Junction 30 are already scheduled to take place.”

“I have made it a priority to engage with Ministers to secure the transport improvements we need in order to thrive and the Government has made £150m available for improvements to J30.

So I am rather surprised to hear the leader of the council call for £1/2 a billion pounds to be spent on Junction 30/31. Where does this figure come from? I have never seen any proposals from Thurrock Borough Council. His comments are no more than hot air. He really should be thanking the Chancellor instead of engaging in cheap party politics.

“We do need to get real on the long term need for more crossings east of Tower Bridge. The reason there is so much congestion at Dartford is because there are not enough crossings. I believe that we need more crossings between Blackwall and Dartford and we need to explore options for a new outer ring road downstream, supported by a tunnel.”

“I have demanded that any new crossing must have a material impact on congestion at Dartford; it must not add to congestion on Thurrock’s road network and it must not lead to more motorways through Thurrock’s greenbelt. It would be helpful if the council used its highways engineers and environmental health officers to assemble the evidence of the impact on air quality and on the local road network of the three options. That would martial a strong set of arguments to support ‘no’ to all the proposals.”


  1. Will be interesting to see if Mr Kent can step up to the plate and put out a full study of why the proposals already being discussed are not correct and what the impact will be if the new crossing will go ahead, also some alternatives to alleviate the current problems on the roads, there is the option to remove the tolls but this will have financial repercussions as the government will want to claw back any money they lose from this then there are the personal losses of jobs to consider if the tolls are completely removed.

    An in-depth feasibility study needs to be undertaken with alternative proposals which then should be made available to the public to consider the suggestions.

  2. We have presented evidence time and time again that the numbers of vehicles using the crossing is, over the years, going down.

  3. The last report I saw that KCC commissioned was largely on the positive side of a new East Thames crossing. The great leader appears to have folded his arms and acted like a child. His objections to building on green belt land are cosmetic. East Thurrock is going to see new road and rail schemes already. Why not try to plan ahead and make the most of tying in a new crossing as well.

  4. We don’t need or want anymore Thames crossing in Thurrock, Simples!
    When DWP is up and running we will more grid locks anyway.
    Our future generations (or at least the one’s that stay here) won’t thank us for allowing more traffic, more noise, and more pollution come to our Borough.


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