Tilbury mission give shelter to stranded sailors

THE CREW of a cross channel ferry that suddenly went out of service, are being supported by Catholic seafarers’ charity, Apostleship of the Sea. The ‘Ostend Spirit’ worked the Ramsgate to Ostend route but ceased operations last week and is currently laid up in Tilbury Docks reports the Independent Catholic News.

The Eastern European crew are still on board as discussions about the future of the ship and their future continue. Reports claim crew have not been paid since Christmas.

The crew have, however, had some relief thanks to the seafarers’ charities Apostleship of the Sea and German Seaman’s Mission who have stepped in to provide support and practical help.

As well as regularly visiting the crew, port chaplain, Deacon Paul Glock has brought them to the Tilbury seafarers’ centre where they can contact families and loved ones by phone or internet.

The recession has seen increasing numbers of ships laid up as companies hit difficulties. And in ports around the world port chaplains and volunteers of the Apostleship of the Sea have been providing practical help and support to the crews during this very stressful time.

Apostleship of the Sea provides both practical and spiritual support to seafarers in more than 250 ports around the world. This ranges from providing transport to shops to hospital visiting and mediating in disputes over pay and conditions.

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