Monday, May 27, 2024

£1 million investment in Stanford-le-Hope station welcomed

ALMOST £1 million worth of investment will be going into Stanford station, a move welcomed by local councillors.

Local port operator DP World has a longstanding commitment of over half a million pounds on the table to improve the station. The council has now authorised over £300,000 additional funds to be spent. The station will now get a dedicated bus turning area, ensuring good public transport links to the rest of the borough. This should also help traffic problems near the level crossing.

Conservative councillor James Halden said “I have been pushing for the council to commit money to this project for a number of months, and I am delighted that this has finally happened. Stanford station is in need of significant investment, and with the money from DP world we can make a real change in the area.”

Local MP Stephen Metcalfe added ““This is fantastic news for people across Stanford le Hope and I am extremely glad that the rail summit I organised last month has generated such a positive outcome so soon. The need for expansion at Stanford Station formed a large part of our discussions and it seems to have provided the final push to get things moving. I hope that local stakeholders and interested parties can continue to work together to further improve rail facilities in the area and I very much look forward to building on this important start.”

And fellow Stanford councillor Phil Anderson noted “Traffic near the station is a real problem, and these improvements can only help. As traffic has grown over the years, the road network has not been upgraded and many residents have suffered long queues in the area. This welcome investment should help improve the situation for both drivers and public transport users.”


  1. I have a great idea to get cheap publicity.

    Look at the schedule of funds to be released by DP World for local infrastructure improvements.

    Three or four month before start complaining loudly demanding when improvement in such an area haven’t yet taken place – knowing full well the funds will be released shortly

    When funds are released issue a press release congratulating yourself on a successful campaign.

    Another way to get cheap publicity is look at the schedule of road improvements and see which roads in Thurrock are going to be resurfaced – go door to door with a petition demanding action – knowing full well the road is going to be resurfaced later in the year – then when the road is resurfaced claim credit for a successful campaign.

  2. Cllr John Kent has taken a leaf from Cllr Halden’s book of spin and hype by demanding action on Junctions 30/31 to get some cheap publicity knowing full well the funds will be forthcoming.

  3. This article recognises DP World’s “longstanding commitment” and welcomes additional council money – so I don’t think your point is really fair.

  4. Descamisados – perhaps he shouldn’t be strutting around personally claiming to have secured the £800k investment – when the funding was already on the table to be invested.


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