Saturday, May 18, 2024

Amazing night for UKIP in Essex County Council elections

UKIP made huge and significant gains in elections all over the country but especially in Essex.

The Conservatives clung onto power in Essex but their 60 seats were reduced to 42.

UKIP won nine seats in Essex.

These included Basildon Westley Heights which was won by Kerry Smith. Kerry has been a stalwart in the Essex area for years and has also driven forward the UKIP campaign in Thurrock through wind and rain.

Thurrock did not go to the polls this year but battle resumes today as all parties look to next years local and european elections.

The general election is set for 2015.


  1. I am not sure the Tories will win the administration in 2015 as you appear to suggest shelley but its got to be better than Comrade John and his very poor men.

  2. Descamisados 10 out of 10 but not the same person brother and sister in law but lets not deviate from this article the Tories got their arse smacked so best get Phil Anderson a newspaper Round,

  3. So why the use of the personal pronoun? Schizophrenia?

    Love the fact you are telling me not to deviate from the article. Please tell your “sister-in-law” the same.

  4. I think it is fair to say the Tories got exactly what they deserve at the local elections, and I believe there is plenty more to come, most people ordinarily hard working people, who have been made to work their fingers to the bone and keep their nose to the grindstone whilst tightening their belts, have inevitably voted with their feet, the absurd comments constantly voiced by this government, we are all in this together, all in what together, people like myself aren’t gravy training it from first thing in the morning to lasting thing at night, what hardships do they suffer, having to lie all day that must be hard for them, cannot wait for Thurrock’s local elections, might even vote you UKIP myself at least they are honest liars good old-fashioned Tories but with a little bit more back bone
    I will guarantee you we will now see a lot more carrot and a lot less stick from these out of touch out of ideas chinless wonders, I think a little wake-up call for them before they went too far,
    I say this because I have seen this behavior before unfold, first you eliminate the weak then you start on the disabled and then people with mental illnesses then you turn your attention to the immigrants before you know it, I think you know what I mean, but the good news by 2015 everybody in England under the present regime will have a roof over their heads and if the Tories manage to stay elected, maybe in another 20 years they will get the four walls to go with it

  5. I wouldn’t trust any of the shower of s*** that are around now of the Blues, Reds and Yellows. Nobody can screw this country up anymore than it has been since 1997.

    People vote yellow because “they can’t do any worse than this lot so, why not give them a go” but, what has happened over the past few years is that people have seen how badly the yellow team do in Government so, quite rightly, they have become dis-affected and, switch, probably to the reds.

    So, where do the dis-affected blues go? Off to the right wings and, the first party they come across is? UKIP and, I imagine that if UKIP didn’t fill the void that comes before the extreme right policies of BNP, then people would probably be voting BNP.

    So, unfortunately, the politics of the centre ground just mean that we get more vacuous soundbites such as “dealing with crime and the causes of crime”, “we’re all in this together”, “british jobs for british people”, “gone are the days of boom and bust” etc because each party is trying to please all of the people, all of the time. Yes, there will always be winners and losers but, that is what life is all about.

    Rant over. Thank you for reading.


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