Monday, March 4, 2024

Lottery boost for Essex Fire Museum

ESSEX Fire Museum has been awarded £39,500 Heritage Lottery Funding to create an oral history of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.

The money will be used to capture the living memories of former firefighters and fire Service staff and create a smartphone and tablet app which will enable virtual access to the museum via a multi media guide to hear those memories.

Essex Fire Museum gives visitors the opportunity to take a fascinating look at the history of the Fire Service in Essex.

Housing a collection featuring historic fire engines, firefighting equipment, uniforms and photographs. Visitors to the museum will see for themselves how firefighting has changed over the years as the technology has advanced.

Collected and curated by former Grays Firefighter Roger Pickett and staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers the Essex Fire Museum provides a fascinating look back in to the history of the fire service and the men and women who fought fires to keep the Essex safe.

The museum plays a key role in the Service’s educational work with schools in the area, where it is used not simply as a repository of artifacts but as a living, breathing historical experience.

Andrea MacAllister, Museum Manager, said: “This project will preserve the memories, and the important legacy, of the men and women who have helped to shape Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and protect the people who have lived in the county.

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service Chief Fire Officer: David Johnson LL.B(Hons), BSc, MA, MSc

“Not only will those memories be preserved, they will also enable young people to discover the Service’s history and learn from voices of the very people who lived through that history.”


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