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Bin Collections: Same Service, Different Day

FROM Monday, June 3, Thurrock Council will be making changes to waste and recycling rounds across the borough, but it will only affect the day of collections – nothing else.

Cllr Victoria Holloway, portfolio holder for environment, said on Thursday (9 May): “Thurrock Council is committed to providing weekly collections for all three waste and recycling streams – general waste, recycling and kitchen/garden waste.

“That commitment hasn’t changed in the least – we want Thurrock to be one of the best local authorities, delivering quality services to our residents.

“We are overhauling the routes our refuse trucks take and that means some people may find the day of their collection will change – same service, different day.”

She added: “During the first few weeks we will have a team in place to deal with any problems that arise and to provide support and advice to residents.

“We want to lessen the impact of any issues that may crop up and to make it easy for everyone to make the transition between the old and new collection days.”

Cllr Holloway said: “We have been working on the details of these proposals for several months and in the week before the changes happen we will be putting postcards through every home’s door confirming what day their collections will be after 3 June.

“The new dates will also be published online through the council’s website and the team at the council’s call centre – 01375 652652 – have been fully briefed on the changes.”


  1. perhaps the bin lorries will be able to use devonshire rd like ms Holloway promised the local residents when she asked them to elect her.

  2. Why is nothing mentioned about the fact that all local community halls owned by TC wll now have to pay for their bin collections?
    Their already struggling to balance their books and survive!

  3. Just looked at TBC website to clarify my new date and it still quotes this

    “The regular weekly waste and recycling collection days from many streets in Thurrock are set to change from June this year. We will be publishing new collection days over the coming weeks.

    June 3 is getting closer please let us know asap


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