Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Polly backs State Cinema to 02 campaign

THE PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington has backed the on-line petition to turn the State Cinema into the equivalent of an 02 Academy.

The petition was set up a few weeks ago on the Thurrock Council website and since then has gained several hundred signatures.

Ms Billington said:

“I welcome the campaign to establish an O2 venue at the State Cinema and look forward to seeing progress when the council pursues this option.

“I hope O2 is encouraged to look at the feasibility of the idea. What started on Twitter and Facebook is growing in strength as more and more residents support the idea. It shows there is great enthusiasm in Thurrock to make Grays a dynamic town centre and that many people want to use this historic building in a way that will benefit the community and bring in visitors.

“There are many ideas about the best way to make the State Cinema a thriving venue. Any that are respectful of the building’s heritage and creative about its use should be considered.

“I have signed the petition to ensure councillors at least have to discuss the idea of O2 establishing a venue there, and I encourage others who care about the town centre and the cinema to do the same.”


  1. Becareful Polly there can’t be much room left on that bandwaggon now…..

    Something needs doing with The State and soon, it has been left to rot and fester for far too long now and every day it is left derelict is another nail in it’s coffin, the repair bills to get this historic building back to near it’s former self must be huge, it may actually be cheaper to pull it down and do a complete rebuild, hope that does not happen though.

    How many times does this building need to be “discussed” by TBC, it seems to come round every few months and still nothing has been done with it, it seems that the council are all talk and no action.

  2. Polly seems to be about as popular with Thurrock Labour party as scabies. Still she caught the gravy train to Thurrock so she may as well jump on any passing bandwagons while she’s here.

  3. That bandwagon lurches a bit Polly you will soon fall off or be pushed by your fellow labourites

  4. This is all a pipe dream and just a matter of wishful thinking for the organizers of 02 to take over the State Cinema in Grays. It seems the people that operate the 02 establishment are not even interested in the building as they would have made contact with the Estate Agents or Thurrock Borough Council before now if they had any interest at all in the property. And for the person that said the building should be demolished. The State Cinema can not be demolished as it is a Grade11* listed building in care of English Heritage.
    This weeks Thurrock Gazette Front Page News informs everyone that the State Cinema is on the market for sale. (I always thought front page was for latest news, not history).
    The State Cinema in Grays has in fact been for sale for about the past twelve months and is being offered for sale with planning permission for it to be used as an entertainments venue in accordance with the results of a feasibility study that was made on the building.


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