Karate: Good results for Grays Yamaguchi

THE Grays Yamaguchi Goju club did well at the recent SRK Spring open Tournament at Gateway Academy, Tilbury, Richard Hang Hong the Tournament organiser was pleased to announce that he had record number of  250 students competing.


Kata Gold, Jack Lloyd, Bethany West, Matt Rixson, Ola Jedrzejczyk.

Kata Silver: Victoria Westcott, Sasha Edgeler, Ethan Neal Buckley, Jessica Jedrzejczyk.

Kata Bronze: Joe Rudder, Harry Hibbell.

Kumite Gold: Bethany West, Sasha Edgeler.

Kumite Silver: Matthew Rixson, Lewis Darby, Owen Dixie. Kumite Bronze: Deny Crawley.

Team Kata Gold: Danielle Ball, Sasha Edgeler, Joe Rudder.

Team Kata Silver: Ola Jedrzejczyk, Ethan Neal Buckley and Maddison Ball.

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