Friday, May 24, 2024

Thurrock councillor at centre of benefit probe

A TILBURY councillor has found herself at the centre of a housing benefits investigation.

YT understands that the probe into Tilbury councillor Claire Baldwin has been led by Epping Forest District Council and centres on property in the Loughton area.

The investigation was exclusively revealed by the Thurrock Gazette and has led to the Thurrock Conservatives calling for an inquiry into the investigation.


  1. This investigation was apparently started 8 months ago. Is this going to rival the Kiely saga. Parhaps we’ll find out after the next elections for their seats are held. Well done to the Labour party for being up front and transparent.

  2. Yes, very detailed, and very prompt (!) Compared to a certain article with closed comments… “labour foghorn, Tory stooge” may have been answered.

  3. Pity Thurrock conservatives are not so quick to deal with their own dirty laundry
    My my my pot calling kettle black.
    Still they are the tefal party aren’t they?
    Former Councillors & one still sitting admitting to taking things from another council event & then harassing a licenses , these people certainly do think they are above us all. I
    I for one certainly do believe that in the next election we will see some changes. Always remember your past has a funny way of catching up with you.

  4. Forgetting your politics “localexpress” are you saying that as the Tories may have been dirty in the past, that its ok for a Labour member to possibly have accepted benefit/money in a fruadulant manner?

    If I am not mistaken all the events you mention have been througholy investigated and put to bed. The current inept Labour administration has made it quite clear it CANNOT function as a stand alone unit and make decisions. It currently has one councillor who is not performing as he should and supposedly under investigation!!!, and who cannot be defended (Comrade Kents words not mine),who is taking money from the council tax payer under false pretencies, and now it would appear another is being investigated for claiming benefit fraudulantly. Both should be suspended at least, until investigations are completed but as stated earlier in many posts here on YT Labour continue to defend their members as they fear losing the council. Councillor Kent, you should stand up and be counted and put US the tax paying public first and let us have proper elected members representing our needs and dont fear losing your rather large council pay. After all if you believe you and your adminstration are doing a good job then you should let the public decide with a couple of by elections NOW, and then you would be seen as a leader who is leading and not one who is being led by officers and greed.

  5. Hmmm politicians and expenses / benefits, does that all come as part of the job description?

    It is such a shame that people in the public domain cannot act according to the laws of the land, maybe they believe that they are above the law, all this type of behavior does it to further sully the political make up in this country.

  6. The Liberal Progressive Elite party (red, yellow and blues) have long since given up representing the people of this country. They’re in it for themselves. Kent isn’t even going to give the education chair to anyone else, he’s going to take it on himself so he can trouser as much cash as he can before next May. The next council elections are held on the same day as the Euro elections. He’s already worked out that it’s likely that those that vote for UKIP in the Euro elections are likely to do the same in the council elections. Bye bye Comrade.


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