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Glen Daly’s parents tell Eamonn Holmes on This Morning of their grief

THE PARENTS of Glen Daly, who was killed in a road traffic collision in Greece in 2009, have told Eamonn Holmes on This Morning of their grief.

They appeared on the popular daytime television programme on Tuesday morning  to recall their agony since the fateful day four years ago.

In a painful but candid interview, Les Daly told the show of the love they have for their son and the terrible phone conversation  that revealed Glen had been killed.

Dorothy told Eamonn of the journey to justice after they heard that Glen has reportedly “lost control of their motorbike”.

Their endeavours found out that it was a head on collision which resulted in a lorry driver being found guilty of manslaughter has been held as an example for all parents to not give up in a quest for justice abroad..

Dorothy, through dogged detective work, traced a doctor who attended at the scene.

Stefanis Konstantino, 46, was convicted of negligent homicide and fleeing the crash and was sentenced at court in Heraklion to 23 months in prison.

Under Greek law, Konstantino, and a man sentenced to 12 months for perjury, did not go to prison and were instead told to pay money to the court.

The Daly's gave anybody in their position the following advice.

“You must have an interpreter. We were given so much documentation but it was all in greek. You must have legal advice.”

Asked if they had justice, Dorothy said: “No.The guilty verdict. Yes but not in the sentence which has ended up  in the man found guilty just paying a fine.”




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