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Ofsted tell Corringham Primary School: “Not fit for purpose”

OFSTED has returned to the Herd Lane school, which they placed in special measures in January, and have continued to make a number of withering criticisms. It is bad enough for a school to go into special measures but it is quite rare for Ofsted to go back to a school and deliver quite such a damning report. It is as if they have flung back the school’s and the council’s action plan as “Not fit for purpose.” It also makes quite a statement on the salaries of the staff.

The report may show why the leader of the  council, cllr John Kent has taken on the education portfolio.

The report makes the following criticisms:


The lack of clarity about senior teachers’ roles and responsibilities, and the unwieldy nature of the extended leadership team, mean that this large leadership team is having little impact on improving the quality of teaching. Leaders lack clear direction and as a result, staff morale is low.

The action plan, like the local authority’s plan, fails to tackle the required improvements to leadership and management effectively.

Without a fundamental review of leadership roles, responsibilities and accountability at all levels, it will be extremely difficult for the school to make the rapid improvements necessary.

The Local Education Authority

“The local authority’s statement for action states clearly what the school needs to do to improve further, but some of the time scales are too ambitious and there is already slippage.

“The plan fails to state clearly enough how the local authority intends to conduct a review of leadership and management at all levels to provide a baseline from which to improve the capacity of leaders and managers.”

“The local authority statement of action is not fit for purpose.

Pupil progress

“It is clear that the actions you have taken to date to improve the quality of teaching have not had sufficient impact to improve pupils’ progress.

“The school’s action plan is not fit for purpose.


Over half the teaching staff are paid on higher level salary scales, but pupils’ achievement indicates that the school is not getting value for money or rewarding staff in line with the guidance in the national Teachers’ Standards document.

The Governors

“Since the inspection in January, the local authority has acted swiftly to replace the governing body of the school with an Interim Executive Board (IEB). The IEB has held one meeting to date, but is planning to meet twice a month in the short term to hold the school to account and to drive the necessary improvement.

It is clear about its responsibility to bring about rapid school improvement, particularly to improve the quality of leadership and management of the school. However, as the board is new, its impact is minimal.”

YT will be seeking reaction from the main political leaders as well as the new education Tsar in the borough, Christine Gilbert.


  1. Oh dear oh dear, my two grandchildren attend this school, I will say the lack of communication between the school and parents is something to be desired. This school not too long ago was one of the top schools in Thurrock. there have been many good teachers in the last few years that have left this school, Maybe this had something to do with the Head Teacher? I have only met him once, he certainly cannot converse with adults without feeling threatened, but he does do better on a child’s level.
    As for John Kent taking over Education, Lets hope he can prove he is worthy of this position.

  2. i went to this school when i were younger and i still have ties with it. the teachers are very over worked by guidelines that are simply not reachable. the head teachers in the past couple of years have been simply numbers men and yes men… unable to communicate with teachers for direction and totally not people persons. the teachers, t.a and helpers work way beyond their means every single day! i know of alot of people in that school that go in and work an extra 30 hours a week unpaid simply to get the jobs that need doing, done! there is a huge amount of teachers and t.a handing in their notice simply because they are being forced out. its a fantastic school with great people working there but the moral is low because of the ridiculous measure the council place on them which in turn affects the work. it needs more time with pupils and not paperwork! it needs a board that cares about teachers as well as pupils not just test scores! it needs a headmaster that can communicate and direct not just use a calculator!

  3. well about time head was sacked and other made to explain what is going on and may be loser there jobs and as for council involvement they cant even fill a hole in path out side school on over 7 week so no chance mr kent getting any thing done in a rush
    and mine and many other children are and have suffered for all of this

  4. My boys have been through this school and have now left, however, my daughter is still in the school and my concern for her education is continuing to increase. Whilst her teachers have been fabulous, the leadership quality is extremely poor and communication between the whole school seems to be lacking somewhat. My daughter is progressing well and has a natural abilitiy to achieve good results, my concern now, due to low morale within the teaching staff, how long before it takes it’s toll and has a detrimental effect on the children?
    The schools standards dropped rapidly when Mrs Power left and I feel the head that replaced her was too quick to make changes in areas that didn’t need changing. It wasn’t broke and it didn’t need fixing. I think this was an attempt to put his stamp on the school and he failed miserably. So whilst Mr Garland was busy sorting out his ego, the children, support staff and teaching staff were being neglected. If a head has taken over a good standard school, surely their aim is to keep that school achieveing? – Dr Asong, the head of Gable Hall has done just that. Maybe she can be the sponsorship head thats gets our school out of this mess. We need someone with her passion and drive.

  5. The school has been on a downward spiral since the day the head teacher walked through the front door. The headmaster has no idea on how to handle conversing with adults and when he speaks to you he is patronising and thinks he is talking to one of the children who go to the school. If awards were handed out for carrying around envelopes or boxes of paper around he would win hands down but unfortunately if seems he will never win an award for leadership, people skills or communication and when you do have the joyous opportunity of speaking to him he takes everything as a personal assault.

    However, saying this, the school has a number of very good teachers, LA’s, midday assistants and voluntary helpers who are trying their hardest to make a go of things while the head teachers is sitting with his head in the sand. if you wished to make a comparison, if the school was a private company and the children and parents were shareholders, the man at the top would have been removed from his post a long time ago.

    Unfortunately, it seems the whole school and the way it currently operates needs to be refreshed from top to bottom but with the visible lack of leadership from both the headmaster and the new IEB, the school is still going further down the pan and no one seems to want to take responsiblity for what is happening. The school does have problems and everyone is aware of this but while no one seems to be taking repsonsibility for the issues, it is the the children and their education who are suffering most closely followed by the rest of the staff.

    There appears to have been and still are a number or various issues within the school, Bullying – that the teachers attempt to sort out but with no leadership they are always going to be fighting a losing battle, Safety – a number of children have suffered injuries at the school and when you look around the playgrounds, you can spot accidents waiting to happen, Lack of communication – The distinct lack of communication to parents in regard to the current situation sums up the last three years of the head teachers rein – keep quiet, sweep it under the carpet and no-one will be any the wiser!!!!
    If the head teacher had anything about him and was a real man, he would take a step back, assess the situation the school is currently in due to his inept leadership and do the decent thing and resign his position. However, this is never going to happen, other people will fall by the wayside to take the blame for the head teacher failings whilst he sits in his ivory tower and thinks of his brain numbing idea to move the school out of special measures.


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