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End to parking misery in South Ockendon?

RESIDENTS of the Flowers estate, in Ockendon, look set to see an end the commuter parking misery they have lived with for years.

Cllr Angie Gaywood, who is responsible for parking in the borough, said;

“I used to live in Tamarisk Road so I know just how bad the parking problem is there. I have made it a priority to introduce residents only parking on the Flowers Estate to resolve the issue – but wanted to make sure we could make the permits free of charge before consulting with local folk.”

Consultation is underway on the scheme and responses should be sent to Thurrock Council by no later than Friday, 28th June 2013.

Angie was keen to urge residents to take part in the consultation saying;

“It is really important that local people make their views clear on this. I have spoken to many local people who tell me they are really frustrated about not being able to park anywhere near their homes. This is our chance to do something positive to change that –

The Thurrock Conservatives have also welcomed the plans.

Ockendon councillor Lynn Carr said “At long last Labour have finally decided to listen to Ockendon residents, and not a moment too soon. Commuter parking has long blighted local residents, with many people unable to park near their homes after returning from the school run or a trip to the shops. I am sure all residents will support this plan and urge people to respond to the consultation, making it clear the strength of feeling.”

Colleague Cllr Barry Johnson added “This scheme is just common sense and it amazes me that it has taken so long to implement. Labour have admitted that this has been a problem for years but done nothing until now – it just goes to show how little Labour care about Ockendon.”


  1. I am surprised that both Labour and Conservative Parties are trying to make political capital out of this issue. The truth is, the residents have been offered parking schemes before but have rejected them because of the charges involved. At no time in the past have residents been offered free parking. This latest consultation is also garnering suspicion because, although free initially, there are warnings that the scheme will be reviewed annually with no guarantee that charges won’t be implemented at a future date.

    So, the scheme will be accepted, or otherwise, depending on how much the residents trust the council not to start charging people to park outside their own properties.

  2. The Conservatives tried to impose charged permits but the residents rejected them – half the estate has a problem and the other half doesn’t. Biggest problem I recall were certain residents running car sales businesses and having a dozen or so cars clogging up all the parking spaces.

    At least Labour has sorted out the problem – more than 6 years of Conservative administration did. And it would be political suicide if residents got charged for their permits.

    Simple solution would be for an expansion of the car park at the station. Plenty of land for them to do this.

  3. Yes, agreed. So would you pay a daily charge to park your car in the station car park when you could park on the flowers estate for free?

  4. and what about dealing with all the car dealer ‘son that estate filling it up with cars as well
    and the council did put up resident only parking between hours and when called to say there was cars there that should not be they said not intention of enforcing sk a big waste of public money punting up signs
    funny thing is that clr b Laurence got resident only parking full time on his bit at end for some reason and so did his friends living behind village hall

  5. There is also the problem of people parking their commercial vehicles in residential areas, I am not sure if the residents only parking scheme will put a stop to that if it is the intention that every house gets two free permits. Does anybody know if commercial vehicles would be exempt from the scheme?

  6. Well I wonder what happened to my comments on here, which were the first comments on this subject.

    Well………………….Your Thurrock, what is your answer to this. I believe my comments to be within the boundaries of fair and more or less polite. Or was I on the button and it didn’t suit your political stance! That is discrimination and is duly noted!

  7. Dear ED

    All the estate has the problem, Thurrock Council never has, nor ever will police the parking problem because they don’t have the money or the desire to police it!!!!
    THE PROBLEM IS THE COMMUTERS SO HOUND THEM AND NOT US. We gave ideas for solutions over the past 6 years, they don’t want to know, it is easier if they charge us for permits for income, but you will not get it policed!
    Gray64: You are right, political parties are trying to cash in. SO LETS TELL THEM TO BACK OFF, ITS ABOUT US AND NOT THEM!

  8. Angie Gaywood admits to being responsible for the parking in this borough!

    So it’s her fault the Commuters are parking in our roads is it?
    Let her pay for all the permits then!


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