Thursday, December 7, 2023

Thurrock bin collections should be sorted in three weeks

IT WAS NEVER going to be easy and judging by the lists of “uncollected” streets in Thurrock, it is proving to be true.

We are now two weeks into the the “Same Service, Different Day” system of waste collections.

One of the reasons for the new system was a “smarter” approach.

As one Bulphan resident told YT at the weekend. “We used to see a council refuse van, clean one street and then say they would be back two days later to clean the other side. This new system seems to make much more sense.”

However, Thurrock Council have told YT that it may take a few weeks for the system to “bed in”.

In the meantime, the council will publish, each day,a list of the streets that did not have their waste uplifted.

Here is the list for Tuesday.

Adstock Way, Grays
Alexandra Way, East Tilbury
Aluric Close, Chadwell St Mary
Arun, East Tilbury
Ashley Close, Corringham
Atherton Gardens, Chadwell St Mary
Bark Burr Road, Chafford Hundred
Beaufort Close, Chafford Hundred
Beechcroft Avenue, East Tilbury
Belhus Park Lane, South Ockendon
Belmont Road, Grays
Berwood Road, Corringham
Blue Anchor Lane, East Tilbury
Boleyn Close, Chafford Hundred
Bonner Walk, Chafford Hundred
Bracelet Close, Corringham
Brampton Close, Corringham
Brandon Close, Chafford Hundred
Brentwood Road, Chadwell St Mary – part Brindles Close, Stanford Le Hope
Broadlands, Grays Bull Close, Chafford Hundred
Button Road, Grays Calder, East Tilbury
Calshot Avenue, Chafford Hundred
Camden Close, Chadwell St Mary
Camden Road, Chafford Hundred
Caravel Close, Chafford Hundred
Cardinal Road, Chafford Hundred
Castle Road, Grays
Caswell Close, Corringham
Catalina Avenue, Chafford Hundred
Catharine Close, Chafford Hundred
Cecil Avenue, Chafford Hundred
Celedon Close, Chafford Hundred
Chance Close, Chafford Hundred
Chester Close, Chafford Hundred
Church Road, East Tilbury
Clifford Road, Chafford Hundred
Cole Avenue, Chadwell St Mary
Colne, East Tilbury
Cooke Close, Chafford Hundred

Cooper Shaw Road, Chadwell St Mary
Coronation Avenue, East Tilbury
Courtenay Drive, Chafford Hundred
Courtney Road, Chadwell St Mary
Coxon Drive, Chafford Hundred
Crawley Close, Corringham
Cromwell Road, Grays
Cumberland Road, Chafford Hundred
Dalroy Close, South Ockendon
Daniel Close, Chadwell St Mary
Darenth Lane, South Ockendon
Davis Road, Chafford Hundred
Dawley Green, South Ockendon
Deben, East Tilbury
Delargy Close, Chadwell St Mary
Dell Road, Grays
Dene Path, South Ockendon
Dent Close, South Ockendon
Derry Avenue, South Ockendon
Devereux Road, Chafford Hundred
Deveron Gardens, South Ockendon
Diamond Close, Chafford Hundred
Diana Close, Chafford Hundred
Douglas Close, Chafford Hundred
Dove Close, Chafford Hundred
Duarte Place, Chafford Hundred
Dudley Close, Chafford Hundred
Duffield Close, Chafford Hundred
Dunkellin Grove, South Ockendon
Dunkellin Way, South Ockendon
Dunning Close, South Ockendon
Dupre Close, Chafford Hundred
Easington Way, South Ockendon
Edmund Road, Chafford Hundred – part Elan Road, South Ockendon
Elmdon Road Enborne Green, South Ockendon
Ernan Close, South Ockendon
Ernan Road, South Ockendon
Erriff Drive, South Ockendon – part Faymore Gardens, South Ockendon
Felicia Way, Chadwell St Mary
Fenton Road, Chafford Hundred
Florence Close, Grays
Fortin Close, South Ockendon
Fortin Path, South Ockendon
Fortin Way, South Ockendon
Founes Drive, Chafford Hundred
Frances Gardens, South Ockendon
Frobisher Gardens, Chafford Hundred
Frome, East Tilbury
Fullarton Crescent, South Ockendon
Furness Close, Chadwell St Mary
Fusedale Way, South Ockendon
Garron Lane, South Ockendon
Gatehope Drive, South Ockendon
Gavenny Path, South Ockendon
Giffordside, Chadwell St Mary
Gordon Road, Corringham
Groves Close, South Ockendon
Gun Hill Road, East Tilbury
Halt Drive, East Tilbury
Halton Road, Chadwell St Mary
Hamble Lane, South Ockendon
Hampden Road, Grays
Harrap Chase, Grays
Hatfield Road, Chafford Hundred
Hathaway Road, Grays
Hayle, Grays
Hazelwood, East Tilbury
Henry De Gray Close, Grays
High House Lane, East Tilbury Hill House Drive, East Tilbury
Hodges Close, Chafford Hundred
Holford Road, Tilbury
Holyrood Gardens, Chadwell St Mary
Hopewell Close, Chafford Hundred
Humber Avenue, South Ockendon
Hyder Road, Chadwell St Mary
Ingleby Road, Chadwell St Mary Irvine Gardens, South Ockendon
King George Avenue VI, East Tilbury
Lambourne, East Tilbury
Langland Close, Corringham
Langton Way, Chadwell St Mary
Limeslade Close, Corringham
Linford Road, Chadwell St Mary
Linford Road, East Tilbury
Linley Close, East Tilbury
Lomen Path, South Ockendon
London Road, Grays – part Longhouse Road, Chadwell St Mary
Love Lane, Tilbury
Low Street Lane, East Tilbury
Meesons Lane, Grays
Milton Road, Grays
Muckingford Road, East Tilbury
Newton Close, Corringham
Norton Close, Corringham
Nottage Close, Corringham
Orwell, East Tilbury
Oxwich Close, Corringham Park Road, East Tilbury
Parker Road, Grays
Parkmill Close, Corringham
Pendine Close, Corringham
Philippa Way, Chadwell St Mary
Pinewood Close, Stanford Le Hope
Princes Avenue, Corringham
Princess Avenue, East Tilbury
Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury
Pym Place, Grays
Queen Elizabeth Avenue, East Tilbury
Rectory Road, East Tilbury
Roach, East Tilbury
Roman, East Tilbury
Rookwood Close, Grays
Sabina Road, Chadwell St Mary
Sachfield Drive, Chafford Hundred
Saints Walk, Chadwell St Mary
San Juan Drive, Chafford Hundred
San Marcos Drive, Chafford Hundred
Sandy Lane, Chadwell St Mary
Santiago Way, Chafford Hundred
Seaborough Road, Chadwell St Mary
Semper Road, Chadwell St Mary
Severn, East Tilbury
Solway, East Tilbury
Springhouse Road, Corringham
St Augustine Road, Chadwell St Mary
St Cecila Road, Chadwell St Mary
St Francis Way, Chadwell St Mary
St Johns Road, Chadwell St Mary
St Marys Road, Chadwell St Mary
St Michaels Road, East Tilbury
St Patricks Place, Chadwell St Mary
St Peters Road, Chadwell St Mary
Stenning Avenue, East Tilbury
Stuart Road, Grays
Tasman Close, Corringham
The Green, East Tilbury
Trent, East Tilbury
Turnpike Lane, East Tilbury
Tweed, East Tilbury
Tyne, East Tilbury
Vigerons Way, Chadwell St Mary
Waldon, East Tilbury
Waterson Road, Chadwell St Mary
Welland, East Tilbury
Wickham Road, Chadwell St Mary


  1. Who are Thurrock Council trying to kid? It is obvious they have reduced the service! “Same Service, Different Day” is laughable.

  2. Did any Council Vehicles go out on Tuesday, 180 odd roads missed thats a lot to collect on Saturday.


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