Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Metcalfe backs “Let Britain decide” campaign on Europe

STEPHEN Metcalfe MP is urging people from South Basildon and East Thurrock to help him and the Conservatives in their bid to secure the first EU referendum in 40 years.

This follows news that the Prime Minister has launched a new campaign website, www.LetBritainDecide.com, which makes it simple for people to join the campaign to back the Bill about to go through Parliament which will pave the way for a vote in 2017, after a full renegotiation.

www.LetBritainDecide.com aims to “build public pressure, to give people a voice, and to urge MPs from other parties to listen to their constituents.”

Stephen said: “Britain deserves a vote. It’s been nearly 40 years since the British people last had their say on Europe and I know that the people of South Basildon and East Thurrock want to change this.”

“People feel the EU is heading in a direction they never signed up to. That is why Conservatives want to give Britain a clear vote – in or out – before the end of 2017, after a full renegotiation.”

“A draft Bill to make this happen will soon be debated by MPs – but, crucially, it needs the support of other political parties to pass. Britain needs everyone to build public pressure on this.

“That’s why we are launching LetBritainDecide.com: to give people a voice, and to urge MPs to listen to their constituents. Please sign up today at www.LetBritainDecide.com and make your voice heard.”


  1. Funny how the Conservatives are now so eager for people to have a say on Europe isn’t it? They were not so keen before the rise of UKIP. I don’t believe the Tories have any intention of holding a meaningful referendum on the EU so I am not falling for this latest wheeze of theirs. In any case, the Labour Party don’t want a referendum and neither do the LibDems so how on Earth would the Tories get a referendum bill through Parliament? As for that renegotiation they bang on about, it’s a load of cobblers, the EU will not allow any renegotiation.

  2. Putting the shoe on the other foot you have to ask why both Labour and LibDem don’t want a public referendum on the EU, are they scared of losing even more supporters that are flooding in from Europe?

  3. Thanks Steve your doing UKIP’s job. why not defect you would be welcomed. Please stand for UKIP at the next election.
    As for an in out vote in 2017 I think UKIP are the only party we all trust to give us a in out vote.

  4. I actually do think that there are a lot of Tory MPs who would be happy for a referendum sooner and they are probably in tune with most of their voters. The problem with the Tories and Europe is the top tier of the party are not so keen to leave the EU, not to mention wrestle with the Lib Dems on the issue. This creates a sense of mistrust as people think whats the point of promising something, that you don’t really want to happen, at a time when its likely you’ll be out of power?

  5. Catching the bus, there won’t be a referendum should UKIP win the election, there wouldn’t need to be one as UKIP are standing on a get out of Europe ticket. A win for UKIP would see us out of the EU within a year of the election. That’s why I will be voting for them.

  6. Oh my , so you too believe the smoke and mirrors of this inept self serving autocatic dictator Camaroon.Why cant you ALL come clean for once and admit its all about saving your golden eggs. I am a great admirer of my local TorylMP Mr John Hayes, an incredible worker for local constituents. But I have to admit to him that I CANNOT vote for him next time as DAVE has unforgivably PROMISED and decided for us AGAINST a chance of a democratic vote before.He throws up many red herrings and states that we the voters do not really care about our freedom to govern . W e have lost OUR BRITAIN . YOU POLITICIANS DESERVE TO BE TRIED AS DISAFFECTED SPIES, TRAITORS AND COLLUDERS IN FLAGRANT APPEASEMENT TO CONSORTS OF EUROPA EMPIRE BLITZKREIG

  7. IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE FOR GREAT BRITAIN AS OUR PREVIOUS SNEAKY POLITICIANS OF ALL PARTIES HAVE SOLD US SO FAR DOWN THE RIVER WE ARE NOTHING BUT SEDIMENT TO EUROPA. They collude to take our daily stipend (without it they would struggle).Let THEM pay the benefit s to the ever increasing club ,we cannot afford to care for our elderly and infirm let alone the invaders thronging to the streets that are paved with gold for their taking.


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