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Meeting to address concerns over South Ockendon parking

A MEETING to discuss residents parking in the Flowers Estate, South Ockendon will be held this Thursday.

The meeting will be part of the South Ockendon Residents Association meeting on Thursday (27th) at 7.30pm in the South Ockendon Social Club, Canterbury Parade.

Portfolio holder, cllr Anji Gaywood has written an open letter to residents.

Cllr Gaywood said:

“I have made it a priority to introduce residents only parking on the Flowers Estate to resolve the issue of commuter parking– but wanted to make sure we could make the permits free of charge before consulting with residents.

I want to dispel any fears over future parking permit charges:-

I give my full assurance that under this Labour-run Council, we have pledged that residents will not bear the price for being unable to park near their homes and promise that the first two permits per household in these parking zones will be free and will continue to be free under our administration.

This is our chance to do something positive to change this problem – I am still shocked that in the six years the conservatives ran Thurrock Council -with Cllr Johnson as a cabinet member for much of that time – they failed to do anything to address this. I am also very disappointed that not one single conservative councillor voted to support this action when the council agreed it in February. I guess that tells Ockendon residents all they need to know about their local Tory councillors.

It is really important that local people make their views clear on this.

I am keen to hear what residents think and will be attending the

I would also be grateful for residents to respond to the consultation in writing and responses should be sent to Thurrock Council by no later than Friday, 28th June 2013.

Cllr Angie Gaywood (LABOUR)

Portfolio holder for Public Protection & Parking


  1. Long time since I posted on here, where there were a few personal idiot educational subnormal people making stupid comments that had no grounding to be read by anybody!

    Anyway here goes, I hope all the residents attend this meeting as I believe that this Council and it’s officers intend to hoodwink you all into believing that after the first year it will always be Free permits! Don’t be fooled, how will they pay for it, we’ve had these questions to them since 2008. Read your letters again, it says that, ” IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT ALL PARKING AND PERMIT CHARGES ARE REVIEWED ANNUALLY”! That means when they run out of money you will be charged!!!!! SAY NO TO THE PERMITS UNLESS THEY MAKE A PROPER STATEMENT TO THE FACT “THERE WILL BE NO CHARGES FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR TENANCY OR THE LIFETIME OF THE ESTATE”

    Don’t be fooled by the portfolio holder either, The Tories do support it, it is the Tory Councillors of Ockendon that keep pushing this agenda along with the Labour run Council. Come on U.K.I.P, you got nothing to say?

    Chris Savill (Mayflower Close, Ockendon)

  2. nitewolf- “I give my full assurance that under this Labour-run Council, we have pledged that residents will not bear the price for being unable to park near their homes and promise that the first two permits per household in these parking zones will be free and will continue to be free under our administration”

    What further confirmation are you looking for? and are you really sure that its not the residents ( at least some) who want this? Commuters have no respect for the residents who live near that station and around 5pm they tear away from the estate roads like madmen, and women, by all means suggest your road opts out but dont spoil it for the residents who live near to the station.

  3. chickenfeed1, nitewolf is right, I agree with him that these are weasel words by the Cllr. They have given absolutely no assurances that charges won’t be imposed after the first year. For a start, there are elections next year and Labour might not be in power so the Council will feel it can start charging as it has no promises to keep. Even if Labour do retain control of the Council, technically it will be a different administration so they can start charging on that basis. In any event, there will always be a likelihood that the Council will raise charges under the guise of being hard up. You can imagine it now, “You have to pay to park or the lose the library!” or somesuch cobblers.

    If the Council were serious, they would say that parking will be free to residents for a minimum period of five years with a review due after that date, the review being to decide to continue with the free scheme or abandon it altogether.
    They will pay for it with parking meters along Tamarisk Road and charges at the commuter car park in the village.

  4. The Conservatives only wanted to charge residents for the permits and wouldn’t offer any free permits. At least Labour has come up with a solution.

    The estate is split in half – with about half of people not wanting permits as they didn’t have any problems and half wanting permits as the roads were supposedly clogged up with commuters.

    It would be political suicide for any party to suddenly charge residents. Labour have promised free permits so hold them to their word.

  5. “Labour have promised free permits so hold them to their word.” Can’t do it I’m afraid. I’ll never trust a Labour politician ever again. I want guarantee’s that mean something, something that the Council has to hold to, not the word of a Councillor which isn’t worth anything at all.

  6. The Estate is not split in half, we all support and want the permits, but not without guarantee’s of no cost to residents or existence of the estate.

    We will get the first year free, but be sure, if the council get their way the following year will not be and then you will never get rid of the permit. Think carefully before you vote.
    I stand by my original input. We all stand together on this problem, make the commuters pay, they cause the problem, not us. Give the residents permits for free parking as long as they reside on this Estate or for the Estates existence!

    The Portfolio holder for this takes responsibility for the parking in Thurrock, that makes it her fault we have these problems with the commuters then. Not done a very good job so far has she.

    As for trying to make political gains over this issue, both major parties should back off from gobbing off of who’s fault it is because Labour and Conservative are responsible for not listening over the past 6 or 7 years! This is about US! Not you!! THE ESTATE’S RESIDENTS STAND TOGETHER ON THE PERMITS, BUT NOT AT A COST TO US. WE WANT GUARANTEES ON A DOCUMENT and agreed by all Parties and the Council Officers and the Top Man on Council!


  7. ‘nitewolf
    June 21, 2013 – 2:39 pm
    The Estate is not split in half, we all support and want the permits, but not without guarantee’s of no cost to residents or existence of the estate.’

    Im not sure how you define The Flowers Estate but for me for the purposes of permits it should not include the two most southerly, Foxglove and Verbena. These are a good 20 minutes walk from the station.

    I can see that for those encircled by Tamarisk Road they may be necessary but as has been said above no council guarantee is worth any words spoken or paper it is written on. eg. the free when paid for but not free Dartford Crossing!

  8. Having knocked on nearly every door on the Flowers Estate and looked at all the responses from residents when the Council did its last consultation I think I can say with some authority there is a split in who wants and who doesn’t want permits.

    The Conservatives wanted to introduce paid permits – the majority of residents didn’t want to pay. Labour have introduced free permits and have said a Labour administration will never charge residents for permits on the Flowers Estate.

    Poor nitewilf will never be happy and would rather work his poor self into a frenzy even when the Labour Administration at Thurrock Council have pledged a Labour Administration will never charge residents for permits. Have you seen the letter in the Thurrock Gazette from Cllr Gaywood?

    Will Cllr Anderson on behalf of the Conservatives pledge never to charge residents?

  9. ED

    Don’t patronise me ED, with the “poor nitewolf bit!” I treat that as an insult!
    I don’t get into a frenzy but I fight my corner of what I believe is right!

    That is the question I will put to the contingent of Conservatives in Ockendon, “Will you support the free permit for the life and life of the estate?”

    You claim Mr Ed, that you speak with some authority, then you need to learn some manners my son before gobbing off!

    A majority is a majority, no matter what the difference is in numbers!

  10. Perhaps you were out or perhaps I didn’t want to listen to a half hour rant?

    I recall there was a clear split in the estate as half the estate didn’t consider they had a problem with commuters but did consider they had a problem with second hand car salesmen and half the estate wanting permits but nearly everyone not wanting to pay for them. You can’t stop people with tax and MOTs on their vehicles parking on the estate. The only way to restrict access is with permits.

    The Conservatives only wanted to charge residents for permits – they had no plan B. I suggested a free 6 months trial to evaluate if this resolved the problem with enforcement against commuters followed by a consultation with a local referendum of residents – even considering advertising on Council parking tickets in the Council owned car parks to subsidise free residents permits – but the Conservative administration was only interested in charging residents and thus they basically sat on their hands and did nothing for 6 years. As they couldn’t get the support from residents for paid permits they then did nothing and let the problem continue.

    Nitewolf you will never be happy.

    Cllr Gaywood has made this pledge:-

    “I give my full assurance that under this Labour-run council, residents will not bear the price for being unable to park near their homes and promise that the first two permits per household in these parking zones will be free and will continue to be free under our administration.”

    So Labour have promised will always be free under a Labour run Council.

    Not a single Conservative Councillor, including Ockendons Conservative Councillors voted for free residents parking permits – I think this speaks volumes. You need to ask them why.

    It is pointless asking your Conservative Councillors as they can’t speak on behalf of a future run Conservative controlled Council – although I would ask them why they refused to vote for free residents permits for Ockendon residents – you need a public statement from Cllr Phil Anderson the Leader of the Conservative Group on Thurrock Council that any future Conservative controlled Thurrock Council administration will pledge never to charge Ockendon residents on the Flowers Estate for their parking permits – basically the same pledge that Labour have made.

    I would also contact the Borough’s UKIP Councillor and ask if any future UKIP group on Thurrock Council will support free parking permits – as after next years election you could see a UKIP group that holds the balance of power on Thurrock Council.

    Cllr Carr and Cllr Johnson were both ‘delighted’ when Labour proposed free parking permits for residents and issued congratulatory press release on the issue. Yet when it came to a vote on the issue the Conservative Group voted against free parking permits.

    As a residents perhaps you should ask Cllr Anderson to attend and make a pledge that the Conservatives will never charge you for permits and make a public statement on the issue.

    For all their faults, especially over the Keilly issue, at least Labour have done more on this issue since they took control than had been done in the previous 6 years under the Conservatives. They have come up with a solution and promised free permits for as long as they are running the council.

    Remember the former Deputy Leader of the Conservative run administration at Thurrock Council was your local Councillor yet never resolved the issue.

  11. Ed, your patronising of nitewolf is distasteful and shows to me that you are just a Labour stooge on here to sway people’s minds on this issue. Nitewolf may come across as a bit of a ranter sometimes but that doesn’t mean his points aren’t as valid as anyone else’s. I should thank you though, because you have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this parking issue is entirely Party political and nothing whatever to do with the residents of the ‘Flowers’ estate. Like I said previously, why would anybody ever take the word of a Labour politician?

    Basically, your line is: vote Labour forever and your permits will be free. Well, that ain’t going to happen is it so you can forget that line of attack. I am now more determined than ever to ensure that this plan is not implemented without solid guarantee’s written into the agreement that parking will be free in perpetuity. You might not like nitewolf, but I sure as hell would rather be on his side than yours Ed and I will be at the public meeting fully endorsing his stand on the issue against yours.

  12. Ed, an apology, I take back my ‘Labour Stooge’ line of before, having read some of your other posts it’s not fair of me to say that. I’ll say instead that I find your faith in Labour promises a bit baffling.

  13. I got accused of being a ‘Tory Boy’ a few days back and now a ‘Labour Stooge’ 🙂

    Why my faith in Labour promises you ask – Because if Labour back track on their promise then they will be committing electoral suicide on the Flowers Estate. Labour have made a promise on a specific issue so residents can hold them to account. If they renage on this promise then they face the electoral consequences. South Ockendon will be a key battleground next year.

    I don’t hear any promises from Cllr Anderson on behalf of the Conservative group to keep free residents permits if they ever regained control.


    Labour can only promise what they can deliver while they are in control.

    A new Conservative administration could overturn free permits and impose charges on all residents so what Nitewilf is demanding can’t be delivered.

  15. Ed, Labour may be in control but it’s the Council that will administer the parking not the Labour Party of the Tory Party. As a Council, the two main Parties can agree on a formula that sees no charges to the residents for a guaranteed minimum period.
    I do accept that it is unlikely that they will commit to a ‘free forever’ policy (But it’s not a bad starting point) but they could at least agree to five years free with another consultation after that time couldn’t they? After all, as Nitewolf has said, it’s the commuters that are causing the problem, not the residents.

    The parking meters along Tamarisk will more than pay for the scheme and a warden to monitor the situation. So, once again the question is this: is this about protecting the parking rights of the residents or raising money for the Council through parking charges? I believe that it’s all about the latter.

  16. Ed
    What is your problem Ed, do you know me? Have I offended you in some way
    You seem to have some sort of personal thing about me, don’t think for one minute that I am stupid and not realize you are trying to goad me into what you believe to be a rant!
    I also have a voice and opinions the same as you. I have no one political party that I vote for. I will support anyone who supports the people and it’s community. I will not support those who use their politics to gain brownie points and votes over issues that belong to us in the community. Labour are gobbing off about how they will make it free as long as they are in Council. Well considering elections are next year then, that doesn’t give us that long for free permits does it! So Labour dangle the carrot, vote for them and we get free for another 3 years eh! Don’t wash with me mate, because even now there will be hidden costs. How will the permits be delegated? To the House or to the Car? 1. If I move to the next road, new permit= cost for new one. Or, I change my Car,= cost for new one. Filling first application, admin charge= cost each time. Lost permit= New charge ££££££££ You getting my drift ED?

    There will be hidden costs and charges and unless they turn it round to the Commuters to pay, then it is us that will be fleeced on their behalf! Once you vote this in, you will never get rid of it, so let’s get it right first time. I am in favor of permits as most of us are, but not at their price and must be free!



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