Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bernie is an officer and a gentleman at Lakeside

SOME PEOPLE just have a sense of style and a sense of occasion. On Thursday afternoon, former naval officer, Bernie Parsons decided to celebrate his wife Heather’s last day at Debenhams. So, the Chadwell St Mary man paraded at 1600 hours outside the Intu Lakeside store and then marched right into the lingerie section (as you do).

Well the rest..just have a look at the film….


  1. Whoa! Watch out there Bernie, not getting any younger mate, nice to see you haven’t lost the humour and tendency for a good laugh!
    Always remember the giant burger running around Dilkeswood and you chasing me around with a giant knife and fork for Joe’s film! Heh Heh! All the best mate and regards to Heather!


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