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Sports day “banned” at Kenningtons Primary

YOU must remember your sports day? Do you now sit at the end of a bar, nursing a whisky, saying to yourself: “I should have won that egg and spoon race in 1976 but it was the pressure, the baying crowd, the press conferences, the lights.”

Or maybe it was that you felt that you were the weakest link in the three legged race or you dropped that egg at the vital point as flashbulbs popped.

Well, Kennington primary in Aveley have made sure that will not happen to their young charges as it appears that they have “banned” parents from attending their sports day.

Parents wrote to YT, aghast, that they had been sent a letter informing them that this years sports day, would be for children only.

The letter from headteacher Jo Sawtell said: “For lots of children, sports day is a very stressful occasion. This is invariably linked to being watched by a large crowd.

“All decisions are primarily taken with the interests of children at heart.”

Some of the parents are big sports fans, in fact two had a boxing match in the playground last year that necessitated the police attending and issuing a neighbourhood resolution.

To be fair to the publicity shy school, schools were recently issued with a 112 page document on how to make sports days safer for children.

But according to parents, it is just one of a series of events, including harvest festivals, summer fairs and christmas plays that have had some form of restriction placed upon them.

YT contacted the head, Ms Sawtell but she had not replied at the time of publication.


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