Wednesday, April 17, 2024

MP meets minister to press for free-flow tolling on Dartford crossing

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has met with Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin at the Dartford Crossing to discuss proposals for Junction 30 improvements, free flow tolling and the options for new river crossings. Jackie took the opportunity to repeat her calls for free tolls for Thurrock residents and for the residents scheme to be extended to small vans. the Minister also visited all the proposed locations accompanied by Highways Agency officials.

Jackie said, “I am pleased that Patrick took the time to see for himself the potential impact of the options. I was able to highlight the issues raised with me by local residents about the impact on local traffic, the green belt and the A13. I also expressed my desire to see proper assessment of the potential impact of new London crossings and for the Department to properly consider the option of a new outer ring further downstream. I am pleased that the Secretary of State was sympathetic to my representations regarding the residents discount scheme.

Mr McLoughlin said, “I saw for myself the congestion at the Dartford crossing which confirmed to me that new crossings are necessary, to alleviate current traffic problems and make new capacity available to support the local economy for future decades. Jackie has explained to me her concerns regarding the impact on the environment, the local road network and in particular the A13. We will of course consider these issues fully before taking any decision. In the meantime we will press on with plans to improve Junction 30 and introduce free flow tolling.”


  1. I am right behind Jackie on this issue. We need more crossings in East London not here. a new crossing between Beckton and Thamesmead would be a good start – it would link the A406 with the A2 as well as lightening the load on the A13.

    I think the minster is right, get free flow tolling and J30 sorted out first and then look to crossing ideas.

  2. Why not have the Scottish system of tolling – none at all!
    They are currently building a new Forth Road Bridge (£800m+), it will be free to use.
    Electronic tolling just means more work for the courts and bailiffs (and the tolling company).
    Thousands of tourists and euro-lorries wont pay, as they don’t with the London congestion charge.


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