Sunday, March 3, 2024

Orsett residents up in arms over New Dartford Crossing

ORSETT residents will be out in force this weekend at the Orsett in Bloom weekend petitioning against Option C on the new river crossing proposals.

The option could see a road run right through the village.

One of the residents has written a letter to the Patrick McLoughlin MP – Secretary of State for Transport;Simon Burns MP – Minister of State for Transport; Norman Baker MP – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport
and Stephen Hammond MP – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport.

Here is the letter.


I write to you today in amazement, bemusement and in a complete state of confusion as the government continue consultation in the proposed lower Thames crossing.

I am a resident in Essex in a small village called Orsett, that will – if plans go ahead, quite literally be torn in two by yet another motorway as part of the proposed new crossing. I am also a businessmen with premises and staff based in Tilbury.

I simply cannot understand how a government can even consider spending millions of pounds on a new crossing, destroying greenbelt countryside and destroying tens of thousands of lives without any real consideration and proper testing of alternatives. It seems absolutely bizarre to me why other options have not been investigated and why theres such a deadline when other options have been far too readily discounted!

Whilst I completely understand that continued improvement of UK infrastructure is necessary to cope with the increasing population (and their need for transport), the options (A, B & C) have been created with absolutely no regard for the local environment and the people who live within it.

The M25 motorway for which the current Dartford crossing forms part of is, in the main, now a 4 lane motorway. The current crossing, in both directions, offers 4 lanes also… So why the delays? Well I simply can’t believe that with some of the “brightest minds in the country” why you can’t work out why Dartford in particular is a traffic hotspot! The reason for the delays is simply the toll barriers… why is that so difficult to understand? Idiot drivers who use the crossing without payment, foreign lorry drivers who want to pay in Euro’s and those who wish to pay with notes all contribute to the disruption – as do the ageing toll barriers & technology used to prize money from motorists wallets!

Why is the government spending tens of thousands of tax payers money on a consultation for alternative crossings, when you could simply address the root cause of the problem… the toll barriers! Ditch the barriers and lets just see what the impact is… if it doesn’t reduce the traffic, then at that point, lets look at considerations of crossing options – to extend beyond the three proposed.

Before you wreck wildlife habitats and tear communities apart at the seams (which will have an adverse impact for generations to come), why not give the free flowing toll a decent trial, or better still, remove the barriers, remove the tolls and allow a free flow of traffic (like the rest of the M25)!!!

Stop wasting money on this shambles of a consultation and for everyones sake, give the free flow option at the current crossing a go!


  1. Now the tory residents of Orsett and Bulphan are getting worried and involved, perhaps the rest of us have a chance of winning this NO vote!


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