Thursday, December 7, 2023

Police investigate allegation of “assault” at Hathaway Academy

ESSEX Police has been called in to investigate an allegation of assault at Hathaway Academy (formerly Grays School).

The investigation came to light after a person, understood to be a parent, made a number of allegations regarding the assault and how it was allegedly being handled on social media.

YT spoke to the principal designate at the school, Mr James Howarth who confirmed that there had been an incident at the school.

The school later issued the following statement.

““Our mission is to ensure each child receives full support as both individuals and learners throughout their education. We focus on providing an inclusive, engaging and supportive environment for all our pupils.”

The aggrieved parent sent a number of messages to high profile cops as well as council leaders.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said:

“We are investigating the incident and we are not prepared to comment any further.”


  1. This is either a non story or there’s something more behind this. I remember 2 or 3 years ago reports of kids being threatened with knives at the school. It was covered up by the then head of the school. If there’s nothing to this then say so. Why the secrecy.


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