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Thurrock bin fiasco: “Sooner rather than later” says bin boss

LESSONS in local government 101

2011: Event in Corringham, organised by Thurrock Council, that invites people to discuss general issues.
Number attended: 10

2011: Event in Corringham, organised by Thurrock Council, that invites people to discuss bin collections in the Frost Estate
Number attended: 200

So, if there is one thing, you need to get right, it is a matter that affects every person in the borough.

It still isn’t right. Portfolio holder for Environment, cllr Victoria Holloway still cannot give us an assurance of when it will be fixed. “Sooner rather than later” says cllr Holloway.

Another lesson might be that plans hatched on the top floor of the council offices, may need to ensure that those on the ground floor are on board.

YT went to the civic offices to discuss the bin problem with cllr Holloway.


  1. Same service, different day… similar service, some day… inadequate service, every day until sooner rather than later.

    Joking aside this is an example of the worst kind of politics, and she’s gone down in my estimation
    1) Phoney apology full of excuses.
    2) Won’t commit to when the problem will be solved… because she knows it might go past that date. So she’s clearly not in control.
    3) Tries to claim credit for weekly bin collections, despite the fact most people’s bins are not being collected every week
    4) Bloody phone goes off in an interview. Repeatedly.

    Embarrassingly amateur, clearly over-promoted… Such a shame.

  2. I am one remaining big fan of Victoria. Stick with it girl. So my bins don’t get collected today, so bloody what, some might, some might tomorrow or the next, So what. More important things in life and we all know the council has to change the way they work to make budget savings. I am afraid that local govt money tree has been brutally hacked down by this austerity govt that people voted for. A bit of bin collection delay is not the worst thing in the world. Shutting down libraries and not investing in decent stock, now there is an issue I will bloody riot about.

  3. We’ve been told over the last few weeks that the council is going to spend over £40 million on houses and schools. They’re also going to pay another director over £100k. Where’s the austerity.


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