Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bin Fiasco: Week six: Tories table motion of no-confidence in bin boss

BIN BOSS, cllr Victoria Holloway comes from a proud socialist family, rich in union tradition and belief.

However, some sources are suggesting that Thurrock bin men also have fond memories and have decided to recreate the winter of discontent from 1977, just for her.

Either way, Victoria is starting to look like Jim Callaghan as the Tories are sensing (political) blood.

After six weeks of bin collection chaos, Thurrock Conservatives have called for a new cabinet member for the Environment to be brought in to address the crisis.

Current cabinet member, Cllr Victoria Holloway, has apologised repeatedly for the “fiasco”, but refused to commit to when the service would return to normal.

Despite promising “Same Service, Different Day”, Cllr Holloway has been forced to apologise repeatedly, for what she calls “teething problems”. The problems have included not telling people when their bins would be collected, repeatedly missing collections, and difficulty for residents reporting this to the council.

Conservative Environment spokesman Cllr Simon Wootton said “Cllr Holloway has to accept responsibility for this bin fiasco. It is quite clear that whilst she is officially in charge of this mess, she has no idea how to sort it out, and is refusing to commit to when these issues will be resolved. We need a new portfolio holder to step in and take charge.

“Residents across Thurrock have coped with 6 weeks of uncertainty, confusion, and smelly rubbish. It is entirely unacceptable for Labour to allow residents to suffer with this service and not commit to when they will solve it. From start to finish, the council has failed, and change is needed now.

“I have submitted a motion for the next council meeting calling for a more competent replacement to take over from Cllr Holloway immediately.”


  1. Whilst I agree it is a fiasco should we really be calling for a new cabinet member ?
    If that was the case we would end up replacing most of the cabinet, especially those in charge of housing and the Morrisons/Mears mess ?

  2. Blackshots53- What a great idea, perhaps if we changed the whole cabinet and replace them with persons who are willing to make decisions , Thurrock might progress.


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