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Council upbeat about downsize offer

THURROCK Council’s downsizing scheme is continuing to attract council tenants to make the move.

Since the scheme launched in March 2013 as part of the national Welfare Reforms programme, local authorities and housing providers have introduced a number of incentives to support and encourage tenants who are under occupying their homes to move to smaller properties.

So far Thurrock Council has received 120 applications from tenants in 2,3 and 4 bedroom properties and 30 tenants are now in their new homes and received their cash reward. Their reasons to downsize have varied, from wanting to save costs because of the reduction in their housing benefit, less fuel bills and maintenance as well as a general desire to make a new start in a new home.

Jodie Conyard,31 who lives in South Ockendon with her seven year old daughter recently downsized from a three bedroom to two bedroom property and said: “I had wanted to move for a while and then a friend told me about the downsizing scheme, and as it’s just me and my daughter, we had a spare room so I applied and was successful. I am really pleased with everything and I love my new home and on top of everything I now have a £1000 cheque!”

Cllr Val-Morris Cook, Portfolio holder for Housing at Thurrock Council said: “This is great news and just goes to show how the downsizing scheme can be a win-win for everyone. Jodie is happy in her new home and now a three bedroom property is available for a family who really needs it”.

If you are a council tenant who is currently under occupying and interested in downsizing your home please call Thurrock Choice Homes on 01375 652880 or email


  1. It was only 3 or 4 months ago that we were going to have old grannies thrown onto the streets by evil Tory bouncers dressed in Nazi uniform because of the welfare reforms, if you listen to the Labour party that is.

    Happily that doesn’t appear to be happening. The socialists must be seething over their cafe latte’s right now.

  2. Pensioners in social housing are exempt from the Welfare reforms. A pensioner in a 4 bedroom house still gets the same benefit but a single working age person gets a 25% cut in housing benefit and a cut in council tax benefit.

  3. I know pensioners are exempt. It’s more an expression of the over reaction to this by those on the left. I’m not doubting the fact that to impose this retrospectively is wrong but we aren’t going to see Tiny Tim living in a cardboard box in the gutter. There is more money available to councils and housing associations than the left like to let on. I know this because I’ve been through the effects of this with two councils on the options they have to solve people’s problems. The fact of the matter is most people simply decide to stay put and pay the extra.


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