Sunday, December 3, 2023

Stanford and Corringham residents angry at proposed five month closure to Manorway.

STANFORD and Corringham residents are incensed after finding out that parts of the Manorway will be shut from next month until Christmas.

Many residents received a tweet from Stanford councillor Phil Anderson announcing the changes.

Local residents and councillors were invited to a meeting held at DP World on Tuesday night.

Cllr Anderson said: “Meeting at DP World this evening. Sorrells junction onto Manorway will be CLOSED from Aug 12 until Christmas, to build new port access road.

“Manorway will apparently remain open but with a contra-flow at Sorrells roundabout. No access to/from Sorrells for whole period.”

Residents immediately went onto facebook to vent their anger.

Lisa Mills Pennycook said: “Its not looking good, I think we need to make a stand on this though, why should we be driven out of our homes and the area we love?

Leonie Howes said:” It’s going to effect the infrastructure of Corringham town centre, what’s going to happen to the people that use the buses? They are going to have to follow a diversion.”

Matt Frow said: “Most shops in corringham like flower shops, Icelands and Morrisons use the Sorrells for their deliveries. So are we going to see big artics going around ss17 lost, because they don’t know any other way than the Manorway/Sorrells way?”

Shane Ralph said: “Does this mean such a big danger on the Southend Road. Kids going to school will be at more risk, sorry but I think we should stand up to this.

“I am making my view very clear to cllr Anderson. So shocked.”

DP World had not returned a request for a comment at the time of publication.


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