Tuesday, May 28, 2024

First meeting for Thurrock Young Labour

THURROCK Young Labour Party held their first public meeting on Monday evening. Over 25 people attended the meeting to discuss issues that effect young people in Thurrock.

One attendee Mimi said: “When approaching this meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect but as the meeting progressed I became more engaged. Everyone came together as we all experience the same problems and identified key issues. This meeting has really sparked a fire in my heart to make a difference for young people in my community.”

Vishal Bal, Thurrock Young Labour said: I am really proud to be a founding member of Thurrock Young Labour and helping young people. With the help of Polly Billington and the community, we can really help bring about change in Thurrock and improve the situations for youths in Thurrock. The momentum has been built, now for real change. Follow us on twitter on @tylabour!

Polly Billington, PPC for Thurrock said: “Thurrock is an incredibly young borough and our young people are the future of our community. I am delighted that Thurrock Young Labour are going from strength to strength. Young people in Thurrock deserve to be excited about their future not apprehensive – bringing a group together to discuss their concerns together is a great step forward.”


  1. What change are they talking about? We have a Labour council and Thurrock has suffered badly at the hands of several Labour councils over the years so I fail to understand what change these people are talking about.

  2. Maybe they are looking at replacing the current labour council, it certainly needs it and they can’t do any worse!

  3. Party Politics aside, this is actually good to see young people getting involved in politics, without fresh ideas we will always have the old fuddy duddies and silver spoon brigade running the country, well done to all the youngsters involved.

  4. All our future leaders have to start somewhere. Young adults are having a tough time at the moment, great to see the Thurrock Labour Party working with them.

  5. From recent stories of younger councillors at Thurrock, people should be careful what they wish for. We’ve got a Labour councillor that has flicked the V at the council and the public and wasn’t there some Tories getting lashed up and nicking bottles of wine or something.

  6. One of the reasons my son and daughter would not vote labour is the perception that the Labour party favours one group over them. They are young people who believe that their lives have been damaged by the Labour party’s policies of mass immigration. that is not my input to them, that is what they have experienced and viewed with their own eyes. Is that not a legitimate view of young people. It would appear not. It is no surprise to me that people turn to extremist groups like the EDL and BNP when they feel they have no representation from the three main parties and the free press will allow only one view of life in this country.

  7. Its good to see young people entering politics and having an impact on there future. On whatever political side whether it be the Conservative Future or Young Labour or the Liberal Youth from the three main political parties. Nationally its good and promoted however not sure experienced Councillors or MP’s would agree when they don’t agree with them and are not singing from the same hymn sheet.
    But well done for thurrock for finally doing it after the success of the Tories!

  8. It is always good to see young people getting involved – Politics, their community, charity work. Unfortunately the repository for such good intentions here is the Labour Party – who have totally ruined the country by overspending, doubling council tax, overseeing a massive rise in the cost of living. I have no doubt that the young people above are a credit to their families and communities, and to Thurrock, but unfortunately the record of the Labour Party for those of us who work hard, see our bills rising, while the inherited deficit is attempted to be brought down – this is the real change we have seen to our lives thanks to the Labour Party.

    I’m sure tuition fees is a galvanising political force for young people, but if the money isn’t there to fund it, or if we’ve overspent, we can’t continue spending, much as Ed Balls seems to think we can. All Labour can do is blame the Coalition while taking zero responsibility for their own actions – talk about a short memory!! That’s Politics I guess.

    I am enthused to see such enthusiasm from the young people above – this is fantastic – but I dread to think of it channelled to support a political party which has done so much harm to this country and for working people.

    What a choice at the next election – fiscally irresponsible trade union biased Labour, profit driven big business biased Tories backing Option C in Orsett, little Englander small minded UKIP. None of the above!!


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