Thursday, May 30, 2024

Breaking News: Unions lay siege to Mayor Boris Johnson’s car

UNION members, protesting over employment conditions, outside DP World in Stanford-le-Hope, lay siege to the mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s car.

In frightening scenes, unions members saw Mr Johnson’s car as it sped up the Manorway in Corringham. They rushed across the road to create a human roadblock.

The group of twenty protestors then surrounded the car in which the mayor was a passenger and harangued him.

Mr Johnson sat impassively in the car which was unable to go forward as two men stood directly in front of the vehicle.

One man then got onto the bonnet of the vehicle as it started to move away.

A member of security from DP World tried to reason with the protestors and they finally let the mayor on his way back to London.

A spokesperson for DP World said: “DP World London Gateway fully respects the legal right and free choice that all London Gateway employees have to belong to any union (including Unite). Likewise, if a majority of our people wished to be recognised, we would respect their wishes and enter into further discussion with the relevant union. We have met Unite three times in the past 12 months and made this point on each occasion.”

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  1. What a bunch of numpties, did they really think that this would have any effect on anything, typical left wing union activists…… 😉

  2. Its great to see UNITE actively promoting good Health and Safety Practices here by encouraging their members to jump on moving cars . . . . this one act shows how outdated this Union is…. IMPORTANT Message to UNITE if you want to be taken seriously and professionally …. act seriously and professionally

  3. Idiots, how stupid do they look and what did it achieve ?
    Flip flops, trainers and high vis vests…..

  4. As far as I was aware there was no union recognition at the port so this must be Unite’s rent-a-moron wing. And these are the people that give millions to back the Labour party. The country should be safe in their hands if they’re re-elected.

  5. Assuming these people have jobs, why aren’t they at them? If the answer is “time off for union duty” I’d love to know if their employers agree this is a suitable use of their time…


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