Council chief steps into “Gypsy Cesspit” row

THURROCK COUNCIL’S chief executive has stepped into the row over a Tory councillor’s “Gypsy cesspit” remarks by holding a meeting with traveller representatives.

Graham Farrant visited the Buckles Lane site on Friday evening and according to reports spoke to the newly formed Buckles Lane Association as well as listened to their concerns over the comments made by councillor Mark Coxshall.

YT understands that political advisers had urged Mr Farrant to be cautious on this issue. Cllr Coxshall has been very vocal and public in holding the chief executive to account on a number of matters.

Thurrock Council has taken steps to distance themselves from the remarks as well as confirm where they are with the investigation.

A spokesperson said: “These were comments written in a political press release issued by the opposition group on the council. The comments in no way reflect the policy or position of the council as a whole.

“Thurrock Council has received complaints about the release and is investigating them as a matter of urgency.”

The Irish Traveller Movement in Britain has told YT that they had received acknowledgment of their complaint from Thurrock Council.

The Conservative leader, cllr Phil Anderson is on annual leave.

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