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Travellers Movement slams Eric Pickles ‘blight’ of unauthorised sites

TRAVELLERS Movement says DCLG’s new unauthorised encampment enforcement guidance rehashes old ground and inflames prejudice towards the UK’s Gypsies and Travellers

A spokesperson said: “The release of ‘new’ guidance by the Department of Communities and Local Government is a rehash of already existing measures introduced by the Coalition Government in a counterproductive and ineffective bid to end squatted Traveller encampments.

“The Government is again failing to address the root causes of these encampments, which is the severe lack of suitable Traveller sites. These measures target homeless Gypsies and Travellers, an extremely marginalised and disadvantaged minority of a minority.

“Most Travellers who live in caravans live on authorised private or Local Authority sites and pay their taxes, including council taxes, the same as anyone else. However, a small minority (14% by national caravan counts) of Travellers have nowhere secure and safe to put their caravans and often end up living by the roadside and on other inappropriate unauthorised encampments.

“Increased enforcement will not solve this problem and is counterproductive and costly as the homeless Travellers are just moved on and on. The solution is more sites, not more enforcement.

“These powers are not new. Councils are already aware of the powers that they can use to evict squatted encampments. Amendments’ to Temporary Stop Notice legislation (a planning enforcement measure) has been in force since the end of June and has already been publicised by the Government and is already being used by councils. The Equalities Guidance that the DCLG says it has scrapped was exactly that – guidance. It had little legislative power.”

Yvonne MacNamara CEO of the Travelers Movement says: “The Department for Communities and Local Government says yet again that unauthorized encampments and developments by Gypsies and Travellers, and its impact on the settled community, is the major issue, and should be singularly addressed by enforcement. However, this fails to address the root cause which is the national chronic shortage of Gypsy and Traveller sites.”

“Gypsy and Traveller people experience very low average life expectancy and significantly higher rates of suicide and infant and maternal death, which is shocking and shameful in our modern society. As is prejudice and racism towards them from our elected leaders, who should be setting an example with their conduct. The use of the word ‘blight’ by the Department of Communities and Local Government to describe homeless Travellers is an indication of this hostility and prejudice and can only inflame prejudice. Homeless Gypsy and Traveller families need safe and secure places to live in order to access services for health, education and citizenship.”

“Eric Pickles is again trumpeting enforcement as the solution to Traveller encampments. This will not solve the issue. The small numbers of Travellers concerned are effectively homeless and have to exist somewhere. Enforcement costs taxpayers money and increased enforcement will cost even more money. The cost effective solution is to build more sites and to allow temporary permissions in appropriate places until more sites are built.”

“We call upon the Government to encourage Councils to address the root cause of Gypsy and Traveller unauthorized sites and focus on making provision and on using existing planning law in a non-discriminatory way when processing private applications for Traveller sites. This makes more economic sense than costly enforcements which offer no long term sustainable solution.”

“An increase in permanent and transit sites for Romany Gypsies and Travellers means more ratepayers for Councils. Granting planning permission for private sites means less need for councils to provide local authority sites. Well managed Traveller sites bring in revenue for cash-strapped councils.

“Research shows that initial adverse reaction from some local settled resident’s soon tails off as a well managed site becomes part of the local community. The economic and social costs of unauthorized camps are enormous and impact upon local settled people and on Gypsies and Travellers.”


  1. A few weeks ago it was in the headlines about a bunch of Romanians that had plotted up somewhere in West London, among other areas, that they weren’t entitled to stay. They were moved on. Squatters in houses are moved on on a regular basis. Homeless people arev told to move on if they are in a place they are not supposed to be. The Ambulance chasers of the reace relations industry would probably tag the Romanians as an ethnic minority and say it was unjust. If they were white British, nothing would be said. The same can be said if I and a bunch of like minded friends rolled up in a bunch of caravans and said, this looks like a nice place to live, I would lay serious money on us being moved on and not a peep frome the race relations ambulance chasers.

    If people decide to adopt an illegal and risky lifestylle, that’s their choice. They do, on the other hand, have the choice to do what other people do and abide by the law.

    It appears that as a nation we should once again shell out land, benefits, education, housing and health care to anyone that decides they like the look of this country as a place to live despite having contributed nothing. When we’re totally bankrupt I suppose they’ll all move on.

  2. Brilliant post by NoVoice. This country is absolutely ruined and those in Downing Street seem to have little idea, or just do not care, about reversing the damage.

    Yes the current government say the right things but do very little on issues like this. The Stanford travellers will be there for a long time yet. I’m surprised they didn’t pick out Thurrock sooner.

  3. Mr hot press at no stage did I mention individuals at all. I wouldn’t have even known we were talking about individuals. I have made no character assassination of anyone. You don’t appear to grasp facts even when they are presented to you. I may be wrong but I don’t recall any of the stories concerning this mentioning individual families.

    If these people are individuals simply looking to purchase a piece of land and make a better life for themselves, I am sure nobody could object to that, not even the planning committee that turned down their application. However I suspect there is more to this than a single family looking to purchase a bit of land, maybe put a couple of houses on it and get on with life. I suspect that the family you mention had far greater intentions than that and I suspect that is why their application for planning permission was turned down.

    With regard to these people being English of Irish decent. Good luck to them because so am I. Perhaps now you could speak to the attack dogs that are screaming racial discrimination at the top of their lungs and explain to them that they have this all wrong. Thurrock Council can stop the grovelling and you can stop calling for the head of a certain councillor to be mounted on a spike outside the civic offices because of so called racist comments because they can’t be racist. You have just said these people are a normal English family going about their business. Sorry to the ambulance chasers and the race relations leeches, it’s all been a big mistake. There is no racism to see here. Go about your business as normal. There will be no compo in the offing and you can’t use the race card to overturn a planning decision. You heard it here first.

    The rest of what I said above still stands Mr hot pants. I go on what I see and my friend Graham at GCHQ never gave me any details on the family you mention so I couldn’t possibly comment on them. Sorry to disappoint Mr no pants. Move along race relations grasping lawyers nothing to see here.

    By the way I have vague memories of you posting on this site over a year ago at least. You, I believe were a ranting left winger back then. What made you join UKIP? They should take a look at their membership. I think they have an infiltrator.

  4. Bernard87
    It is so nice to see you align yourself with No brain, the story, Travellers Movement slams Eric Pickles ‘blight’ of unauthorised sites
    And then NoVoice decides to slip off into a world of fantasy about Romanians squatters and people who decide to risky lifestyles all rolled up into a bunch of caravans
    Whatever you two are taking let me have the name of it

  5. Thurrock has 18 unauthorised Traveller/Gypsy pitches already

    Thurrock Councillors voted that these illegal developments should be tolerated and regularised – it is in the Local Development Framework – that Conservative Councillors voted for.

  6. What was it hot pants, the fact that I remember your posts from days gone by. You’re as much a UKIP member as I am. I probably should be whereas you are still a ranting left winger. Nee Naw, here comes the ambulance hot pants to pick you up and take you to the public hanging of the Councillor you so hate. You can have a bit of a love in with Polly and the sisterhood while you’re there. A little more council money wasted doesn’t matter. A little more Police time wasted while people are mugged, stabbed, run over by thieves. Who cares as long as the ambulance chasing hate mongers on the left get their target. The Labour party will find to their cost that the attitudes of people like you are going to keep the out of power for a generation again.

  7. superman – this was a press release issued by the local Conservative Party and every comment in that press release was sanctioned at the highest level by the local Conservative Party. It isn’t just the bile of one Councillor – it is the bile of the Conservative group on Thurrock Council.

  8. Those nasty wotten Towies said naughty things. Carry on chasing. Maybe you could all go after Kiely and Baldwin while you’re there.

  9. NoVoice

    I once would agree with you in regard of Kiely but in the regard of CIIr Baldwin which I believe is now a matter of a the police investigation that’s a matter for the courts to decide

    What I would say is the information concerning CIIr Baldwin being leaked from the Council offices is on par if not worse than the investigation she is now faced with if it is determined that the leak was from the Council offices it would be in my belief purely a political motivated exercise and the culprit should be exposed

  10. Superman I think if you read far enough back into the comments you will find it was hot press that started the slagging. As for ranting and babbling incoherence, I think you’ll find that there is a consistent theme in what I said, i.e. people like to play the race card whenever they can.

    If Councillor Coxshall had gone on live tv and ate a traveller while screaming I hate smelly travellers then he would get all he deserves. His words could be described as derogatory and could have been levelled at anyone. I have known families that occupy houses that would make the tv programme Shameless look like a televised version of the Archers. So a derogatory statement yes, a racist statement no.

    Every time someone from an ethnic minority commits an illegal act in this country and are caught, it is immediately branded racist. Illegal immigrants being targeted, racism, primarily black people rioting in London being taken to court, racism, drug dealing gun totting black people being shot by police, racism. I could go on as there are never ending examples of this.

    I know people whose lifestyles are far from normal and I have heard them described as diamond geezers, salt of the earth and some of them are to their friends and people known to them. Most people would see them as the scum of the earth because of how they live. That’s prejudice and people base their prejudices on what they see and experience and what they would consider to be normal behaviour. When people see other people flout the law and act in a totally anti social unacceptable manner then they will automatically assume that those people are not nice people and do not want anything to do with them. They will also expect the authorities to deal with those people in the same way as they would deal with any other person in this country. They do not expect those people to receive preferential treatment because those people claim to be persecuted because of who they are. If people are to be given preferential treatment based on their choice of lifestyles then we may as well all give up and turn to crime as a lifestyle choice and then claim we are being persecuted because of our lifestyle choice.

    So I will say again, people on the left of politics will claim that anyone is a victim of racism if they think they can pin them to a certain group and get away with it as an excuse to justify a person’s behaviour and possible illegal behaviour. It is a reaction and a necessary course of action, as far as they see it, to protect their mass immigration policy. They are of the belief that you either think as they do or you are a racist. Unfortunately they find themselves constantly angered by the fact that the only people that do think that way are the 25% of people that will vote for the Labour party regardless of what they do. The vast majority of people in this country do not think as they do.

    Most people will probably see Councillor Cosxhall’s remarks as pretty derogatory against an individual family. They will also see the attempt to infer that he has besmirched an entire race of people as off the chart of Whacky land and into the realms of the exploitation of a situation to further their own cause. Claims that the entire Conservative party is racist are nothing new and are a default setting for the left wing politicians and believers.

    You have attacked me because I don’t agree with your views or the views of hot press. You have personally insulted me, as has hot press, because of your own prejudices and you will label anyone that disagree with you in the same manner as you label me. You and hot press are full of prejudice, the prejudice of left wing politics that is the modern Labour party. I personally don’t care about your insults as I know that the council will not be in the hands of the Labour party next year and the government will not be in the hands of the Labour party in 2015. You are a minority Superman and that is why you act as a victim all the time.

  11. Dear Alf Garnet been as the matter is in the hands of the police and CPS and is under investigation by the Council I would say the appropriate authorities think different to NoVoice, no-braine,r but you know better than everybody else with your vast wealth of experience in dealing with these matters, so why don’t you go along to Gray police station and tell them your thoughts on the matter then down to Thurrock’s legal Department and tell the people at both of these organisations you know better than them and then show them your portfolio on dealing with situations like this I’m sure that they would listen to you just before they section you


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