Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Bulphan WI: August report

By Janet McCheyne

40 LADIES armed with fold-up chairs made their way to the home of president Janet McCheyne for the August meeting.

After Jerusalem and WI business in the garden watched by the sheep and bantams, members were divided into 4 teams and sent to different parts of the house for 4 challenges: finding items in their handbags (won by the scullery team); questions on their Essex WI News magazine (won by the front room team); Dingbats (won by the music room team); and “Name that tune” (won by the kitchen team with full marks!)

Between games, a couple of team members had to move on (the youngest/oldest, the tallest/shortest and the member who had travelled the least and most distance to attend). So quite an interactive meeting.

Members relaxed by perusing and buying Tanya’s jewellery, chatting and mingling and enjoying a nice cup of tea. Delicious refreshments had been provided by the committee, and Craig ensured everyone got safely back to their car in the farmyard when it was time to go home.

Next month, Brian Billins is talking to us about smuggling, and the responses to our member survey will be discussed.

Join us at 7.30pm in Bulphan Village Hall if you would like to spend the evening with a friendly bunch of ladies and learn something at the same time.


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