Monday, April 15, 2024

Linford youngster saves toddler’s life

A GIRL from Linford saved the life of a tot whilst on holiday in Majorca.

Eight-year-old Connie McTaggart was on a family holiday in Majorca.

Connie was in the swimming pool when she noticed a two-year-old girl going under the water.

Connie, realising the danger she was in, swam across and pulled the girl to the surface and shouted to her mum for help.

Connie’s mum, Paula Gracey said “The child was limp and her lips were blue.

“But then Connie blew into her face after which she started coughing up water.

“I took the girl to her mum, who had not seen the incident.”

St Joseph’s primary student Connie, had not had any first aid training, but said she just knew what to do when the moment arose.

She said: “I saw the girl in the pool and then she went under the water and didn’t come back up. I swam over and pulled her up so she could breathe again.

“I wanted to help someone in trouble. I feel really good I was able to save her and am glad she is OK.

“My mum and dad are really proud and I am looking forward to telling my teachers and friends what I did.”

Mum Paula, from East Tilbury Road, said: “Connie was so brave and calm in the whole thing. We are so proud. I am telling everyone about what a hero she is.

“That little girl would not be alive if it wasn’t for her.”



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