Tilbury Power Station: Doyle-Price slammed for “Living in the past”

THE PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Labour), Polly Billington has stepped into the political fall-out following the closure of Tilbury Power Station.

Council leader John Kent criticised the government for not saving the station, a criticism that Thurrock MP. Jackie Doyle-Price rebuffed.

Ms Billington said:

“I have met RWE to discuss the future of the power station after the devastating decision to close it because of the governments refusal to support cleaning up our energy supply.

“Although it has been “mothballed”, without a rapid change of direction from Jackie Doyle Price’s government, getting the power station back into use is likely to cost hundreds of millions of pounds and will take years.

“Jackie Doyle Price wants Britain and Thurrock to go back into the past rather than forward into the future with her call to return to coal for our energy needs. The closure of Tilbury power station is a great loss, not just for the employees but also for the country.

“Here in Thurrock, RWE was establishing the biggest coal-to-biomass power station in the world – enough energy to run 1.5 million homes – that put us ahead of our competitors and helped reduce our reliance on dirty fuels. Her government’s failure to support this technology is short-sighted and means the UK could lose out in the race for clean energy.

“It could contribute to higher bills which already make families struggle. It also means a valuable piece of national infrastructure has been closed down. I want to see Thurrock at the forefront of new jobs, new technologies and new industries and I will work with everyone who shares that vision for our community, including RWE. They know they have a valuable site at tilbury and have been forced to make the decision because of the government’s short sightedness.

“Jackie Doyle Price sees the answer in returning to old dirty coal – without proper clean-up. She is stuck in the past and won’t get Britain or Thurrock fit for the future.

“Her attitude is letting down this community just as her government is letting down this country.”

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