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MPs united on stance on Syria: “The world must act and the time is now”.

BOTH THURROCK MPs are united in their stance on Syria.

Stephen Metcalfe and Jackie Doyle-Price return to parliament on Thursday to discuss what action the UK should take after it is alleged that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people.

Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price said:

“I am ashamed that the world has sat back for so long. I think the behaviour of Russia and China in resisting action through the UN Security Council is nothing short of disgraceful. Their behaviour has led Assad to think he can get away with murder, years and so far he has. in the interest of humanity the world cannot continue to turn a blind eye when people are being murdered and the whole region destabilised by the displacement of refugees. This persecution has now been going on for two years.

We in Britain are lucky to live in a free society and Britain can be proud of its role in advancing the cause of freedom and liberty throughout the world. There are those who say action is not in the national interest. I would state that defending humanity is very much in the national interest. If we condone evil, it will flourish and the world will become an ever more dangerous place. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council it is our duty to uphold international law. Britain must show moral leadership and I am proud that we are doing so. Just as it required military action to stop the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia we must make a stand and show the world that civilised societies will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons.

I have no truck with those who would do nothing. That was the same sentiment that saw Chamberlain come back from Hitler with a meaningless bit of paper-it merely delayed intervention. The world must act and the time is now.

South Basildon and East Thurrock MP, Stephen Metcalfe said:

“I am sure none of us want to get embroiled in another Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, but I am sure we all agree that no-one should use chemical weapons and any use merits a serious response from the international community.

There is little doubt that this was an attack carried out by the Syrian regime. There was no evidence to suggest that the opposition had the capability to carry out such a significant attack and the regime had launched a heavy offensive in the area in the days before and after the incident. The regime had also prevented UN access in the immediate aftermath, suggesting they had something to hide.

There should be a strong response to this outrage from the international community. The Prime Minister has said he is looking at options and he is not ruling anything in or out.

As we don’t know who we would be supporting we must proceed with great caution and make decisions based on facts which is why, as you may have heard, the Government has decided to recall Parliament this Thursday.

Any action in response to the chemical weapons attack in Syria would have to be utterly legal, proportionate and specifically designed to deter their future use.

What I hope we will hear is more detail about what intelligence the Government has and what progress they are making with persuading the Russians to take a much tougher stance against Assad and the regime.

I also hope is that the action of recalling Parliament and the discussion of what action may be taken will persuade the UN to renew its efforts to get an international consensus that will see the situation in Syria improve. For that to happen, the Russians must be included and need to take a more pivotal role.

With regard to any vote that may take place tomorrow, I am as yet unaware of the wording of the motion and therefore unable to say if I will vote for or against the motion, but be assured I understand your concerns and will consider all arguments before voting.


  1. Would be interesting to hear JDP’s stance on Zimbabwe, Egypt, North Korea etc, all of which are either in civil war or ran by dictators but alas the UN/USA & UK do absolutely sod all about the issues.

    If we are not careful we will be come no better than the Nazi regime who stormed into every country they could think of in the wild thought that they can run it better.

  2. Humanity I doubt Jackie Doyle Price knows the meaning of the word humanity, my heart goes out to the people of Syria, but what about the thousands of people in this country who are on the breadline who routinely have to go to food banks to survive and the people who sit in hospital for 12 hours waiting to get seen and when they do get seen have to survive in squalid conditions all thanks to her parties policies plus the disabled people who are routinely discriminated against by her party it’s more than a bit rich to make these comments especially when you consider how the party she belongs to have cut the resources of the British Army down to nothing and now she wants the same brave soldiers to go to war with the meager resources that are now left to them

    That was the same sentiment that saw Chamberlain come back from Hitler with a meaningless bit of paper

    I bet David Cameron knows the same sentiment after Parliament rebuked his argument about Syria thank goodness the opposition made the point let’s wait and see what really happened before we get involved which any sensible government should have done in the first place

  3. Jackie Doyle price couldn’t even be bothered to make a statement last week regarding her political advisor and close friend inciting racial hatred,and as for your comments “We in Britain are lucky to live in a free society and Britain can be proud of its role in advancing the cause of freedom and liberty”,What happened to the traverllers ? didn’t they deserve your Comments JACKIE or are you in my opinion burying your head in the sand hopeing it will go away and tell the Tory group to put up a wall of silence , My Opinon Will you white wash it! MAKE HIM RESIGN
    Firstly I thing David Cameron should take the advice of the “70 MP who have doubts, as you have a moral duty to say NO” And MP Like Jackie and Stephen should remember their duty to their own constituents, most who want nothing to do with another war , and Why should Cameron drag us in to another military intervention, And I think most of the public looked at Ed Miliband and thought thank you for taking on your nations views and having some sense unlike David Cameron who is showing the same contempt for truth and evidence as they did in Iraq did these people learn nothink. Think about Tony Blair and America ” the evidence that they said they had to take our solders to war who are still dying there today

  4. Our country is broke – we have no money and massive debts. Interest payments are £120 million per day.

    Let some other country be the Worlds policeman. If America wants to bomb Syria then why do we have to tag along?

    Look what has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan – a quick military operation drags on for years and years.

    And who do we bomb? Assads army? Or the rebels who are executing children, beheading Christians and eating the hearts of those they kill?

  5. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council it is our duty to uphold international law

    And would that be attacking Syria before the outcome of the tests were known, I personally think Mr Cameron is on his way out and the sooner the better we would not have to put up with the likes of you two clowns

  6. Hot Press, you could be right about Cameron but who will take his place, certainly not Milliband, he had a great opportunity last night to hold the upper hand about the vote on action against Syria however he failed in that department and Cameron with his closing statement came out better.

    If you look at the war in Iraq / Afganistan this was lead by the Labour Leader Tony Blair, another war monger, who based his action on incomplete and wholly inaccurate reports.

    The UK needs to be very careful in blindly following the USA into any conflict especially one that is a civil war and not a dictatorship.

  7. Absolutely right. Cameron said he would listen to parliaments will and has been at pains to point out how different that was from the Labour government red Ed was a mamber of. Red Ed has just knifed Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell and Barak Obama. He’s a dead man walking. Best he Cuddle back up to red Ken McCluskey. The right decision was made and in the right way but Ed will pay for it.


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