Thursday, December 8, 2022

New homes boost for Seabrooke Rise

FIFTY-THREE homes and a community hall will be built in Seabrooke Rise, Grays as part of an exciting new development for the town centre area.

The developments comprise of both one, two and three bedroom properties as well as other amenities such as a car parking space and a communal courtyard.

The development has been welcomed by prospective parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington.

Ms Billington said: “I was really pleased to see the proposals for the new affordable housing in Seabrooke Rise passed.

“Thurrock Council should be applauded for its commitment to building new affordable housing to help desperate families stuck on the waiting list have a chance of a new home.

“There have been times when council homes haven’t been built to high standards. I hope this development is able to show those days are well and truly behind us.”


  1. 13 years of Labour Government sat on their hands and failed to change the Housing Revenue Account rules to allow Local Authorities to invest rent receipt surpluses or borrow to build new homes.

    It took the Conservatives to change the rules.

    Perhaps Polly should applaud the Coalition for changing the rules so Thurrock Council can build new homes?

    As for the quality of some of the existing homes – they were all built under Labour control – enough said.

  2. Has Polly forgot that most of the HRA regime remains in place. They’ve got to spend money or they’ll have to give up the surpluses. Thurrock has hung on as long as it can. Polly and the Comrade currently in charge can’t bear the thought of a popular and successful Tory policy. Still twenty months before the election comrades. Have you got sweaty palms yet.


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