Essex Police” “A message in an FOI”

ESSEX POLICE paid more than £10,000 in the past year, so that staff can listen to music.

Whilst many believe that they spend every breathe you take, fighting crime, others have wondered why there is a need, in difficult times, to pay out for music.

The force was among 17 across the country which spent more than £10,000 in the past year on licences from the Performing Rights Society (PRS), which collects the fees and pays royalties to composers and their publishers.

The highest expenditure came from the Metropolitan Police, which paid £246,297, while four forces – including Norfolk – paid nothing. The bill in Cambridgshire was just £1,999.

We would ask for a statement but we fear they may say: “De doo doo doo, de dah dah dah.”

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