The Bin Fiasco: Tories warn council: “No more tweaking”

THE worst days of bin fiasco may be over, but Labour’s promise of “no more tweaking” rings hollow after 13 weeks of chaos claims the Thurrock Conservatives.

Earlier this summer, Labour-run Thurrock Council made changes to bin collections. Despite being billed as “Same Service, Different Day”, the result was a complete fiasco, with residents not told when their bins would be collected; many residents seeing their collection day changed several times; and thousands of bins missed every week at the peak of disruption.

Conservative Environment spokesman Cllr Simon Wootton said “After presiding over this fiasco, I am not sure residents will have much faith when Labour says no more tweaks. There are still many bins missed each week and the claimed collection rate of 98% is lower than before the changes were made, and ‘operational difficulties’ continue to be the main reasons given for missed collections suggesting a lack of confidence in the service. I will be working to ensure that the service provided is to the standard Thurrock residents pay for and rightly deserve.

“The question that now remains is, how much did it cost to sort this fiasco out? We know lots of overtime was paid for Saturday working, and staff were brought in from other roles to help out too. We need to know precisely how much taxpayers’ money this cost – I will not allow Labour to hide behind claims to have been able to pay for it out of a ‘contingency’ fund.

“Above all, I look forward to the council’s planned evaluation of these changes, and finding out exactly what went wrong. We must not allow the council to cause a mess like this again.”

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