Sunday, November 27, 2022

Tory education boss angry over Tilbury Manor

THE Conservative Education spokesman has reacted to the news that Tilbury Manor will be placed into special measures.

Cllr Halden said “To be told that a school is failing children is beyond tragic. It is clear that Ofsted have good reason to put Tilbury Manor into special measures.

However, yet again Tilbury residents and Thurrock Conservatives are left asking “where is the political leadership been on this issue and who will actually take the blame for this failure?”

“Time and time again Conservatives have said that we need to look past the old model of council support, and help our stronger schools support our weaker ones.

“All the time Thurrock Labour has been spouting “we’re on the way up” they are forgetting that schools and pupils need help from other education professionals, not from the council.

“Unfortunately Thurrock’s Labour approach to education has let the children and parents of Tilbury Manor time and time again”.


  1. Whilst I agree in principle that using the good schools to assist those that are not performing that well this does have further ramifications, a recent report has just highlighted that those schools that had previously received outstanding status and were using their teachers to help improve failing schools suddenly saw their own OFSTED grade slip down, so they do not get any credit for this.

    Also I do take umbrage with the Cllrs remarks about this being a Labour issues, both Labour and the ConDem are culpable in the failing standards in schools, almost every year the government change the goal-posts on the national curriculum so much so that teachers no longer know if they are coming or going, everything is centered on league tables and this just detracts from the education of children, especially in primary schools, we should stop the amount of competition between schools and concentrate on all round teaching


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