Thursday, December 8, 2022

Dee Lodge: Fighting the mould campaign but “they are not listening.”

FOR a number of years now, YT has been following the campaign led by Belhus resident, Dee Lodge, to eradicate mould from council properties in Thurrock. When we met outside the council offices in May, Dee and mould specialist, Jeff Charlton, seemed pretty positive.

A few months later, Dee is less positive and seems to feel things are not as positive as Dee had hoped.


  1. Compare this to the story above. Tells you all you need to know about the Labour party. Weak ineffectual leader prepared to support a fatuous ponce to ensure he can fill his own pockets. Who cares about the dung hill university in Birmingham. Let them do what they want. When we get rid of the ECHR they will be powerless.

  2. NoVoice, I think you put your comment on the wrong article, but I agree with your sentiments entirely, but I would omit the word ponce, that word just doesn’t sit well with me. could I call him a destructive self centred moron, lets not forget we have the Belhus Labour Cllrs to thank for such a moron. (he played them well)
    Could someone please enlighten me on Thurrock Councils Duty of Care for their Residents and Tenants. Is it a new law I am not aware of that tenants pay rent to Thurrock Council for the privilege of being made sick by living in their Decent Homes.
    Would someone also enlighten me please as to why the Client Contract Manager would turn up at a meeting free of charge with one of the the top surveyors in the country minus his survey.
    Two million pounds has been put aside for the five year programme which starts this month, not a lot considering there are over 10.000 properties with mould in Thurrock, as we are merging with Barking and Dagenham is this Two million pounds going to be used for these properties also.
    Lastly I would like to mention the Latin term ” Mens Rea” which to some who are unaware means Guilty Mind, it is equitable to the term Manslaughter, voluntary or involuntary action, from wrongful conduct, being aware but not acting. I quiet like this one.
    Mike Casey asked me before the Interview do I think I will still be alive in five years time, silly question really.
    I would be very grateful for any comments regarding the above questions. I have been out of the Arena for some time and need to catch up.

  3. I didn’t put it on the wrong article, they moved the article. Now I either look silly for saying that or i look silly for saying that. It’s like making comments in the Guardian. Independent was funny today.

  4. Please note – Dee is currently very poorly and has had to go into hospital for two weeks.

    Although she looks beautiful in the video, her symptoms are horrendous. I know, I am a fellow sufferer in Hastings – one of thousands who may be aware or unaware of their ill health being directly attributed to the effects of mould (or more correctly mycotoxins) in the home.

    I think it is important to say that I have been able to evacuate the home that caused these problems and I am already experiencing some relief in my symptoms (which started a few days after leaving the property). I believe this proves how the home directly affected our health.

    Dee mentions in her video about memory loss – this is one of the most scary symptoms – and in mine and other cases I am aware of, it does improve once the person is away from the exposure.

    I wish Dee very well and encourage readers to enter their stories here or speak to Your Thurrock. The more we are the more we will be heard.


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