Intu Lakeside aim to drive out illegal parking

INTU Lakeside is introducing a new scheme to stamp out illegal and inconsiderate parking and ensure designated spaces for disabled shoppers and parents with children are kept free for the right people. With 13,000 free parking spaces to manage, minimising congestion and maximising safety remains a key focus for the shopping centre and this new initiative is expected to vastly improve shoppers’ experience of visiting by car.

Enforcement will be conducted sensitively and reasonably, rather than with an excessive zero tolerance approach, with practical measures being introduced to keep particular spaces free and minimise illegal and inconsiderate parking which can cause unnecessary car park blockages.

Izzie Peskett, Marketing Manager at intu Lakeside said: “We’re confident that this new approach will make parking here even easier and further improve our customers’ experience of travelling to and from the centre. This has not been designed as a profit-making scheme as any money that is brought in will be used to cover the costs of running the enforcement programme (licenses, staff and signage).”

The scheme will launch on 1st October and will be managed by an on-site team. Intu Lakeside will be overseeing the scheme itself, rather than bringing in a third party contractor, to ensure it is run sensitively and primarily for its customers’ benefit.

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