Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Candidates declared for Stifford Clays by-election

THE CANDIDATES for the Stifford Clays by-election, brought on due to the death of Diana Hale have been announced.

They are as follows:

Labour: Sue Shinnick
Conservative: Danny Nicklen
UKIP: Clive Broad
Lib Dem: Kevin Mulroue

In 2011, Diana Hale held on to the seat with a majority of 354. The year before Angie Gaywood won with a slim majority of 76, however that was on General Election day in 2010, when Labour performed very badly.

This year, Labour go in with a relatively unknown candidate however, Sue Shinnick will have the advantage of a great deal of good will engendered by the work of Diana Hale and Angie Gaywood.

The Conservatives have held the seat as recently as 2006, when Maureen Pearce won by 34 votes. This time, former Corringham councillor, Danny Nicklen is on the comeback trail. Cllr Nicklen grew into his role as a councillor after a few public gaffes, and was highly respected for his chairing of a number of key committees as well as his work rate and commitment to his ward.

The UKIP candidate, Clive Broad, must feel that he has a fair chance of winning this seat. UKIP are on the up. They are in the news every day. From the early days, Clive has stated his case for getting out of Europe and has never wavered. If they run a mature, strategic campaign, they could have a chance.

The Lib-Dem candidate, Kevin Mulroue has stood on a number of occasions. He may poll badly but once again, the Lib-Dems in Thurrock are committed to the long game.

YT will be interviewing all the candidates over the next few weeks.


  1. I Will probably vote UKIP out of this line up. The only party on the list who havent screwed up in power at a national or local level. Might as well give them a chance.

  2. Keep young Danny away from bottles of wine and don’t let him threaten any poor publicans. Couldn’t they find any hard working local candidates rather than damaged goods?

  3. Ed
    Don’t forget to tell the other candidates to wear there tin pants and slip on shoes if the wine theif is running

  4. “concerned resident” I read aout the wine affair some time ago but care to expand on the “tin pants & slip o shoes”? As I dont remember reading about that, maybe its an in-joke for members of the council?

  5. chickenfeed1 it is a big mistake on behalf of the Conservatives to stand such a disgraced former Councillor who stole wine then abused a poor pub landlady.

    Look what happened in the Conservative safe seat of Stanford West when the Conservatives stood the disgraced ex-Deputy Mayor Eddie Hardiman – he lost the seat to Labour.

    Can’t the Conservatives find a decent hard working local resident instead of damaged goods? Din’t they learn any lessons from Stanford West or are they that desperate for candidates they will stand anyone?

  6. It is a shame that National Politics plays a part in the Local elections, each of the candidates needs to ensure that they are running for the local people and not base their campaigns on national policies or that could spell disaster for any from the main parties..

  7. Wow – calling someone a thief. I assume you can link me to a press article confirming he was convicted, or accepted a caution or something? Or maybe you have some irrefutable evidence, or a confession I can see? Because otherwise that would be libelous…

  8. Was down Stifford way on Friday – thought I saw Eddie giving Danny a hand on the doorstep. He can always be relied on to back up the young lads whenever they are standing for election.

    And joe h – considering the statement given by the Mayors Driver after this event any photos existing would not be the sort of thing that you would want published on a family site.

  9. There were a number of by-elections across the country on Thursday 26th September.

    There are the UKIP percentage of the votes:-

    Barnsley, Wombwell – 24.6% from nowhere
    Blackpool, Highfield – 22.8% from nowhere
    Cherwell, Banbury Ruscote – 16%
    Forest of Dean, Coleford East – 29.3% from nowhere
    Forest of Dean, Redmarley – 23.5% from nowhere
    Mid Devon – Way – 15.2% from nowhere
    Mole Valley, Mickleham, West Humble & Pixham – 13.3% from nowhere
    Sevenoaks, Crokenhill & Well Hill – 35.7% UKIP gain seat from Labour.
    Tendring, St James – 21.9% from nowhere
    West Sussex, Storrington – 32.2% from nowhere

    These are the previous results for Stifford Clays

    THURROCK – Stifford Clays

    2011 – Lab 877, Con 523, UKIP 475, LD 68
    2010 – Lab 1184, Con 1108, UKIP 642, BNP 249
    2007 – Lab 762, Con 632, BNP 435
    2006 – Con 829, Lab 795, LD 296

  10. Thanks for those stats Ed. I am wondering how well UKIP are going to do in Stifford Clays. It’s the type of seat that they will take votes away from both the Tories and Labour.

  11. If UKIP take votes from both Labour and Conservative then they could take the seat.

    The more other parties slag UKIP off the higher their vote goes. All the recent bad publicity hasn’t damaged their vote share and 5 months after the local elections they continue to maintain high percentage vote shares and are taking seats from both Conservative and Labour.

    What is surprising is the very high votes they obtain in seats they have never stood in before. The vote in Stifford Clays will also give an idea of how UKIP will do next year.

  12. Danny can always give a kick in the ass to any situation, and I’ve got no doubt that he will bend over backwards and forwards to get votes, I thought he was on a years sabbatical I didn’t know it was with the Navy, if I’m wrong please tell me so, perhaps somebody should get him one of those buzzers that make a noise when he is backing up so people can smell him coming


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