Candidates declared for Stifford Clays by-election

THE CANDIDATES for the Stifford Clays by-election, brought on due to the death of Diana Hale have been announced.

They are as follows:

Labour: Sue Shinnick
Conservative: Danny Nicklen
UKIP: Clive Broad
Lib Dem: Kevin Mulroue

In 2011, Diana Hale held on to the seat with a majority of 354. The year before Angie Gaywood won with a slim majority of 76, however that was on General Election day in 2010, when Labour performed very badly.

This year, Labour go in with a relatively unknown candidate however, Sue Shinnick will have the advantage of a great deal of good will engendered by the work of Diana Hale and Angie Gaywood.

The Conservatives have held the seat as recently as 2006, when Maureen Pearce won by 34 votes. This time, former Corringham councillor, Danny Nicklen is on the comeback trail. Cllr Nicklen grew into his role as a councillor after a few public gaffes, and was highly respected for his chairing of a number of key committees as well as his work rate and commitment to his ward.

The UKIP candidate, Clive Broad, must feel that he has a fair chance of winning this seat. UKIP are on the up. They are in the news every day. From the early days, Clive has stated his case for getting out of Europe and has never wavered. If they run a mature, strategic campaign, they could have a chance.

The Lib-Dem candidate, Kevin Mulroue has stood on a number of occasions. He may poll badly but once again, the Lib-Dems in Thurrock are committed to the long game.

YT will be interviewing all the candidates over the next few weeks.

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