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Council pleased with turnaround time for empty homes

CHANGES in Thurrock Council’s housing department’s contracts in recent months is already making a major difference to the turn-around time of empty homes.

Speaking at a recent cabinet meeting, housing portfolio holder Cllr Val Morris-Cook said: “After the difficult time we had last year, clearing the huge backlog left by our contractors, we are now turning homes round in weeks rather than months.”

Twice in the last financial year homes were left empty for over 130 days – on average – but Cllr Morris-Cook said the latest figure of 45 days was well on the way to meeting the end-of-year target of 36.

And she added: “It’s worth mentioning that in the first five months of this year we have let 429 homes, almost double the number we were letting previously.

“This means families are moving out of high-rise blocks and people are transferring successfully from properties with damp and mould problems.

“This allows us to sort the homes out in our capital programme providing top quality homes for local people and, in addition, we are still housing people off our waiting list.”

She said: “While we expect the voids figure to go up and down month-by-month for a little while I am confident we will meet this target.”


  1. I find this article to be contrary to my experience this year!! I was offered a house and it took 3months before i was told it was ready and yet all that had been done inside it was the floor had been screed downstairs.the whole house is not of top quality…far from it and i can provide pictures to prove this!!!!!!!!
    even with constant contacting i still am awaiting works to be done which are essential in making the house fit for purpose.even my councillor is at her wits end with all the people coming to her with similar complaints.everyone i know who moved around the same time as me had the house decorated and moved into a pleasant enviroment with nothing needing doing….i on the other hand have been told there is no budget left for my house to be decorated …even though i have watched several others being decorated whilst void since i have moved into mine!!i feel that i was taken advantage of due to my circumstances needing an urgent move and only having one offer available to me.i am very disappointed, angry,upset and feel very let down by thurrock council.

  2. may i also add that i moved from my previous property 3 months ago and it is still unlet, even though it was left in better lettable condition than that which it was let to me in


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