MEP Howitt slams UKIP as “totalitarian, climate-denying, stalinist..and discriminatory.”

THE member of the european parliament (MEP) that covers Thurrock, Richard Howitt has made a barnstorming speech at the Labour party conference in which he slams the record of both the Conservatives and UKIP.

Mr Howitt said:

“In the last five years we’ve voted on whether or not whole countries which are key export markets for Britain go bankrupt; on the balance between the right-to-know and the right to privacy in the exploding digital age and on the true price of carbon emissions for the future of our planet.

Conservative MEPs have voted to stop action against people traffickers, against tax cheats, against domestic abuse, to reject European cash to help Britain’s foodbanks. They even refused to condemn an attempt for the World Health Organisation to classify homosexuality as a disease.

It really does make a difference who we elect to the European Parliament.

And make no mistake UKIP is a second Conservative Party. It is fascinating to watch Tory and UKIP MEPs compete to deny climate-change.

The only green thing about the Tories is their envy at UKIP’s rise.

UKIP.That totalitarian, climate-denying, vain, Stalinist, dictatorial, squabbling, discriminatory, extreme party called UKIP.

When I say called, those are all things they have called themselves.

After they got elected in Norfolk, one of their councillors actually fell asleep within ten minutes of his first council meeting.

Putting the kip in Ukip!

But the latest incident with Godfrey Bloom shows there is a dividing line in politics between being popular and dangerous popularism – and it is a line that the whole of UKIP crosses.

Which is why Labour is right to support the referendum lock but to reject pandering to Euroscepticism over an EU referendum pledge now.

Our message to David Cameron is if you pander to Little England, you end up as Prime Minister of a country that gets called a little island.

William Hague famously lost one election on Europe.

And on 22nd May 2014 he and his cohort will lose another.

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