Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Polly in positive mood following conference

FOR prospective parliamentary candidate Polly Billington, it was straight from the Labour party conference in Brighton to Stifford Clays in order to help with the fight for the by-election.

So, YT took the opportunity to ask Polly what were the positives following the conference.


  1. It’s fanntastic, the Labour party pretending to be anti immigrant party , or are they, in favour of the 16 to 24 year olds whose lives they have destroyed. It’s a pathetic attempt at a u turn on their mass immigration policy, as everyone knows as a huge success story. It truly is sickening to listen to.

    A policy on controlloing energy prices that is little more than a bribe to weird people that can’t understand what the Lbour party are relly about. Guess what, vote for the Labour party, they’ll spend two years bringing in a policy that won”t ever be implemented, but in the meantime they’ll import a million people to compete with your jobs, houses, and spend the money you paid in the past on taxes to bang out babies and get benefits. And that’s in the first year.

    I hope that the people of Stifford Clays vote labour. It will tell you all you need to know about the impending failure to beset this country.

    Polly seems to be hiding a very northern twang so she can fit in with her Islington chums.

  2. Sadly there are enough people in Thurrock who despite moaning about Labour, will still vote for them. And I don’t blame them. Whilst I commend the government for actually slowly digging us out of Labours economic mess very few government policies are actually helping people locally. In terms of national politics the Tories are all hot air on immigration and Europe, not particularly patriotic and seem disinterested in normal peoples worries instead prefering to worry about Syria and spending billions in foreign aid.

  3. I am not sure about all this fanfare around freezing the energy prices, yep lets save £120 per year, that’s £4 per week, I am not sure that is going to drag people out of poverty, maybe instead of fighting the energy companies why don’t they fight the petrochemical companies and reduce the cost of the price at the pumps.

    The news about apprenticeships for British people if a company employs a foreign national is a red herring and just lip service to the public, why not employ the local person instead of the foreign person, if it is down to skill levels then this needs to be addressed from the ground up.

    So far Labour have not said anything constructive that would make me vote for them, they are just rehashing old policies or trying to be like the tories.

  4. Lambo, around 60% of the price of fuel is tax, the Government could stop increasing it like they do. That would help.

    Surely Labour voters heven’t forgotten that it was Ed Miliband who signed us up to ridiculous ‘green’ energy policies that are currently driving the price of energy up at an astonishing rate of knots? Lose the ‘green’ taxes and you straightaway make a substantial cut to the price of energy.

  5. grays64, that’s what I meant to be honest about the amount of tax, also whilst on the subject of motoring costs they should also do away with the unfair road tax, this should be a penny on the price of liter then those who use the road more pay more.


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