Saturday, June 22, 2024

“It is all about the community” says Labour candidate for key by-election battleground

THE LABOUR candidate for the Stifford Clays ward by-election, Sue Shinnick has stressed that her campaign is all about the community.

YT caught up with Sue and her team in the ward as they fought to retain the seat left vacant after the death of Diana Hale.

Details of the other candidates can be found on our politics page.


  1. Worrying,very very worrying if this is Labours preferred candidate for Stifford Clays they are either so arrogant that they believe the result is a given or there is a dearth of suitable party members articulate enough to be be put forward for election.

    As a Stifford resident based on this interview I still do not know what she intends to do for the Ward,I await with interest further interviews with the other candidates to enable me to make an informed decision on which way to cast my vote. if they are of the same calibre I can see me staying at home on polling day.

  2. Not the best public orator unfortunately that piece would not inspire confidence in voting for Mrs Shinnick, when posed the question about the zero hour contracts she seemed lost about what they actually were and just said there are some at lakeside….
    As for “I have always been Labour” obviously this is the problem with people now, they do not look at the policies of each party and make an informed decision but follow like lost sheep all the time….

  3. Can’t really see what mrs Shinnick can do about zero hours contracts? Remember this is an election for Thurrock council!

  4. jonno66 – Perhaps if she gets elected she could tackle Labour controlled Thurrock Council and all the jobs on zero hour contract at the Council! Perhaps she could tackle John Kent about this – after all would be hypocritical for Labour to campaign against them when the Council they control continues to employ people on them.


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