Ngage volunteer day a great success

THE ngage Volunteer Centre Thurrock recently held its free drop-in Volunteer Recruitment Fayre to help local people find volunteering opportunities in Thurrock.

Laura Hudson, Volunteer Coordinator said “The Recruitment Fayre was brilliant and we had such a great representation from organisations looking for volunteers. Over 100 people came to the event, some looking to volunteer for the first time and some people were already volunteering in Thurrock, but looking for new opportunities.

“More than 80 people left the recruitment Fayre registered for new opportunities with organisations such as Thurrock Council, Essex County Fire & Rescue service, Thurrock MIND, Red Cross, Parents Aid and many more. There were a large number of parents whose children had just started school, and had extra time on their hands to volunteer. Everyone said they really enjoyed it and found it very informative.

One person in particular said that the volunteer role they had found would help them gain valuable experience to further their career as a social worker”.

The next Recruitment Fayre will be taking place in January 2014. For more information about the becoming a volunteer or registering your group or organisation for volunteers, visit our website or call Volunteer Centre Thurrock on 01375 389853.

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