Polly challenges Jackie over energy bills

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington (Lab) has thrown down the gauntlet to Thurrock MP over energy bills.

Ms Billington said: “Ed Miliband has said he will freeze energy bills until 2017 if labour wins the next election. This will make a real difference for people in Thurrock who are struggling with the cost of living.

The question now is: will David Cameron do now what Ed will do? And will Jackie Doyle Price support a freeze to energy bills?

The energy companies started by scaremongering and now are offering a freeze – but only for the few not the many, as this will save families in average £120 and £1800 for businesses.

I want a better energy market that works for working people. That’s why it needs to be reset and customers given a break from spiralling bills.

Find out how much you will save by using our #freezethatbill calculator:


If you want an energy bill freeze back our call to get David Cameron to act now. Sign our petition and get your friends to sign too:

If David Cameron doesn’t act it will show he’s on the side of the energy companies and not ordinary people.

Britain can be better than this. Let’s start making a difference now.”

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