Planning permission to dig up graves given to company that no longer exists!

THE WORLD of planning can be a complicated business. We are sure like us you downloaded all 4 hours and 11 minutes of a recent Thurrock Council to your I-Tunes (Oh-only us then-Ed).

As we were listening to the second item on the agenda: the application to build fifteen dwellings on the Old Chapel on North Road, South Ockendon we heard that the chair Terry Hipsey announce that the applicant was Essex Recovery Limited.

We then had a check of Companies House and it appears that a company called Essex Recovery Limited of the address was dissolved in August.

We thought that the controversy would be over the removal of the hundreds of graves on the site. So we spoke to Thurrock Council, who put us right.

A spokesperson said: “Planning permission is not granted to an individual – it goes with the land. The application was rightfully considered on its planning merits, as opposed to a being determined on who owns the site and their standing”.

There, so that query was answered quicker than you can say Ichabod Crane.

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