Share your memories of Grays Town Park

THURROCK COUNCIL are asking you to share your memories of Grays Town Park as part of a Sharing Heritage Lottery funded project that they are carrying out.

From this, they aim to put all your comments together to find out how you would like to see the park regenerated, what hopes you have, and if possible build them into a bigger lottery bid and form a Friends of Grays Town Park group.

How they will use your information

Thurrock Council are working with the Heritage Lottery, speaking with local residents of Thurrock, about your memories of the park.

The Council will use the information they collect to ask for lottery funding to improve the park in the future. Your views are valuable to them and they would like to create ‘Friends of Grays Park Group’ to help generate interest in the project.

They  would like to contact you about any future funding applications.

To help them do this, they would like to contact you by email. Provision of your email address is voluntary and you will have the chance to opt-out when they email you.

The results of the research will be kept anonymous. The information will be stored securely and confidentially by the Community Development team and access will be on a strictly need to know basis. The information will be kept for three years after which time it will be safely deleted/destroyed. The information will be shared securely with the Heritage Lottery, but will not identify you.

Please complete and post in the post boxes at our Pride in Thurrock Stand or in the post boxes scattered around the park.

Your email address (optional)

For more information contact them at…

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