Council map out World War One commemorations

THURROCK COUNCIL is set to announce their plans for four years of commemorations in respect of The Great War.

The plans will be discussed and voted upon at a meeting of the full council next Wednesday (Oct 23rd).

The proposed plans will include.

Saturday 2 August – 4 August 2014 – A significant event based at one of the Borough’s key military heritage sites. To incorporate learning about the period, community engagement and participation. This event will also include the key Civic event for remembering the beginning of World War One, officially recognised as 4 August 1914.

Work with the media – reproduction of archive news reports relating to key local items from each week of the war over the period of The Great War and coverage of local commemorative events over the period.

An interactive blog to share memories from families in Thurrock affected by The Great War – this could be through combat or the wider impact of living in Thurrock at this time.

A touring exhibition – This will be organised to share key information about the war and to consider the affect of the war from a range of different perspectives so to involve a wide range of interested participants. The exhibition will visit existing annual events such as The Orsett Show, it will visit military history sites and will make every effort to go to places where heritage may be a new feature of involvement.

Art and culture – the programme will look to incorporate activities planned by partners in Thurrock, as well as consider commissioning sculpture, performances or re-enactments.

Work with schools – The Government has announced a £5.3million opportunity for schools to access in support of commemorating the First World War. Links will be made with schools to recognise and support activity and to add value where possible – for example, supporting visits to local sites where archives will be appropriately displayed for schools to utilise.

A budget of £50,000 has been made available from reserves to support the programme over the five year period. It is anticipated that further external funding can be accessed to support delivery. The Group is committed to adding value to community led events and activities commemorating The Great War. By co-ordinating a Borough approach, the Group aims to help ensure the programme makes the most of all available resources.

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